Not-So-Fat Cat

Sleepy ElvisElvis has now been on his diet for a little over seven months. He certainly looks much leaner and has more energy, although he still does his best to gobble up Lola’s food should the opportunity present itself.

Originally we were trying to weigh him weekly to monitor the weight loss progress. We didn’t have a particular weight in mind to aim for, we just wanted to get him to a healthy looking weight. The monitoring was mostly to ensure the rate of weight loss was steady and not drastic.

In the more recent months we haven’t been weighing him as often and last week we suddenly realised it had been three months since his last weigh-in! So we weighed him again, and as the chart below shows his weight loss has continued at about the same rate.

Elvis Weight


Elvis has lost a grand total of approximately 760g! He looks so much better now, and as I said above he clearly has more energy. He doesn’t spend quite so long sleeping, and he plays with toys sometimes. Although preferably if nobody is watching. And if anyone goes to investigate the noise he’ll adopt an innocent expression even as the ball is rolling away from him…

We’ve upped his daily food ration a little now, and will try to return to more regular weighing sessions. We’re happy with the weight he’s at and want to bring it to a plateau rather than continuing the weight loss. We may have to buy him some different food designed for weight maintenance rather than weight loss… In some ways that’s frustrating, because we have about 6 months worth of the food he’s currently eating!

Then again, we’ll be having another fat cat coming to live with us soon, so we can always use the diet for him. (And yes, more news/information about this other cat to follow before too long!)


Lady Joyful

4 thoughts on “Not-So-Fat Cat

  1. I am glad he is doing so well with his diet. I need to get a couple of mine on one. Please visit us, we are having a giveaway for a catnip mat and toys.

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