Here Be Monsters

I was planning to do several of the poetry prompts today in order to try and catch up a bit but I’m having difficulty getting inspired. So anywhere, here is day two’s prompt journey with the form of a limerick and using the device of alliteration.

There was a low lane leading west

That adventurers trod on their quest.

It curled between fields

With abundant yields

Where rumours said monsters did rest.

I will readily admit I found that frustrating to write. The form itself wasn’t too difficult, because the rhythm is so familiar, but I couldn’t manage to get the words to go the way  I wanted them to. I am reasonably content with how it ended up. Although I would have liked to make the alliteration more of a feature.

It does feel like it’s the beginning of a story… I sort of want to expand it. Maybe I will on a later occasion!


Lady Joyful

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