White Water

The Daily Post‘s Blogging U. is currently running a poetry series that I’ve signed up for. As far as I can tell, each day participants are given a theme/prompt, form and device. It actually started a couple of days ago but I apparently didn’t get around to posting anything for it yet.

The prompt for the first day is water, the form is haiku and the device is simile.

The white crests of waves

Like lofty snow-capped mountains

As they crash ashore.

If I hadn’t left this post to the last minute (naughty me!) I would probably have chosen to make a sequence of haiku that linked together. But I didn’t. Hopefully this will suffice!

And hopefully my dissatisfaction with it will provide me more incentive to not leave these posts so late in future…

Like that’s helped before…


Lady Joyful


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