Nap Time!

Kitten Naps

My sleep cycle is terrible lately. Truly terrible. I have a sleep tracking app on my phone which I can use to tell me just how ridiculously awful my sleep habits are. It’s very useful.

I’ve been using this tracking app since August. For the majority of that time I have been getting too much sleep. The chart showing the “deficit” kept growing higher and higher. I think it got to the point that I had slept a whole day “too much”. 

I say I think because I can’t check it now. The data got reset when I switched over to a new phone last week. Since then my data has been trending the other way and I am now short about 5 hours sleep.

I’m tired. I feel really drained today and the deficit is no doubt a contributing factor. Both weekend days I had naps around the middle of the day, and still my day’s sleep amount was too low.

I’m aiming for 8 hours sleep, and based on all the data – both before and after the reset – that does seem to be the amount I need. But I’m consistently not getting it.

The problem is we go to bed late. Last night we agreed we would go to bed by ten, which we acknowledged would mean definitely no later than eleven. And then it was one in the morning…

The problem before, with the too-much-sleep was that we were rubbish at getting up in the morning. S still struggles with it, but I’ve been getting better. Problem is, getting better at getting up whilst still not going to bed early enough simply means that I am getting even less sleep.

I look at Sisu and Siiri in the picture above, and my first thought is “Why can’t sleep be as simple as that for me?”

Actually my first thought is “Why don’t we have any adorable kittens any more?” followed by “They’re so cute! I miss them…” But the sleep thing is definitely one of the top thoughts.


I’m going to England later this week for a holiday visiting family. Perhaps I’ll be able to catch up on sleep when I am there… Hopefully I won’t forget to keep blogging!

And now, I think I might go to bed.


Lady Joyful

6 thoughts on “Nap Time!

  1. That is a cute photo! And sorry to hear about your sleeping issues. Have you tried catnip tea? When I can’t sleep I have a cup of that before going to bed for ultimate rest (opposite effect in humans to cats! Makes us sleep :o). Only problem is to drink it before the cats go mad over it… LOL

  2. How does the app track your sleep? Could there be something fundamentally different between the two phones that makes comparison useless?

    • The app gets set going when I go to bed. I can delay it to start a bit later depending how long I guess I will take to fall asleep. It also tracks movement to assess how deeply you are sleeping. The movement tracking could be varying between phones but I don’t see how the timing would vary… 🙂

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