An Unhealthy Preoccupation

Today’s drabble challenge prompt is:


Ayesha lay in bed contemplating the day; thinking of Kalila. It seemed an omen, this girl being sent into her life. Something about her enthralled Ayesha.

Closing her eyes she filled her mind with Kalila’s image. Her eyes most captivated Ayesha. Beneath brows with the curve of a drawn bow Kalila’s eyes, bordered by thick lashes, shone like molten obsidian.

Ayesha sighed, rolling onto her back and pushing the sheet away from her body. A delicious shiver passed through her as the cool air caressed her flushed skin. She’d never met anyone like Kalila before, and doubted she would again.

I was a little bit reluctant to share this. I have a very good reason for this reluctance. This drabble is taken directly from a scene in my novel that I have been working on. Consider it a teaser of sorts.

It’s not word for word as it appears in the novel; I had to edit it heavily to bring it down to the required word count. But considering that a major theme of the novel revolves around obsession I couldn’t let this prompt go without posting something of it.

The novel itself is not far from being finished. But I keep not working on it, which is really stupid if I ever want it to be done! It’s only in the first draft stage, though I have on occasion gone back and edited bits down. I could clearly see as I was working on this drabble that a lot of editing needs doing.

Anyway, I hope you liked the drabble. I’d love to hear your thoughts based on this teaser of my novel, though admittedly it’s probably hard to draw an opinion based on just one hundred words!


Lady Joyful


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