Written By The Victor

Today’s drabble prompt is:

Making History

“These are the numbers from the front.” He said. His sharp-eyed gaze held the unspoken ‘make them look good’ as he watched my face for a moment before sweeping from my dismal office.

I pulled the rumpled stack towards me and glanced through the pages. Casualty lists, the numbers people of dead and missing, cost of destroyed property…

I couldn’t help but wonder, as I started writing on a clean sheet, how people would remember this war. Would they see the chaos and destruction, or would they believe the ‘facts’ I was creating. Well, history is written by the victor.

When I saw this prompt my first thought, obviously, was to write about someone doing something fame-worthy. That was what came into my head when I thought of making history.

But then this other idea came and I thought it was much more interesting. The idea of propaganda, and the suggestion that we cannot truly trust anything. Everything we read and hear comes with an agenda, intentional or otherwise. Even the things we see may well have been doctored to suit a purpose.

It was this idea – the thought of literally making, creating, doctoring history – that inspired me to write the above drabble. I hope you liked it! Comment below to let me know what you thought of it.


Lady Joyful


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