Elvising Around

Elvis, Not ElvisingElvis, bless his heart, often gets overshadowed by Lola. She’s an attention seeker. If she’s awake chances are she’s getting into things she shouldn’t, yelling at us, or running around like a loon. And even when she’s asleep she has to get attention, by spreading herself across my keyboard or twisting up to cover my screen.

Elvis on the other hand… He’s getting older now, and much prefers to spend most of his days curled up on the new cat tree, close to the radiator where it is nice and warm. He’ll move sometimes to come and ask us if he could please have some food if it’s not too much trouble, or to sit and look out the window, or perhaps a cuddle if you don’t mind. He’s a good boy. Not all the time, but most of the time.

He has his moments, I’ll admit. Sometimes he’ll chase Lola, or turn from licking her to biting her without warning. He’s been known to nip us humans on occasion too, though there seems to be little reason to it. He’s also be known to try and get – how to put it? – amorous. We discourage that.

But really, he’s a modest cat. Which is why I was very amused by a new word I learned last week.

You may well be confused now. New word, you wonder, what is she on about?

Yes, a new word. A Finnish word. Elvistellä.

From Memrise

Elvis is really not one to Elvis around. Not usually, at least. Sure when he’s been misbehaving I’ve been known to jokingly call him “Elvis Pestley” though as I explained above, he’s usually a good boy. But… it really is fun to say “Elvis elvistelee.”


Lady Joyful

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