It Is All Mine Now

Warm and Comfortable ElvisJust a quick post today because I got caught up with doing other things and almost forgot!

Here is a picture of Elvis sitting in the basket of the new cat tree, which is in the corner of our kitchen. He seems to be very fond of the new cat tree and we often find him curled up asleep in the basket, or on the ledge under the basket. It’s obviously nice and warm there because it is right next to the radiator.

We even noticed him once or twice sleeping in the higher up “hutch” that the cat tree has, though we couldn’t quite work out how he’d managed to get in there. Apparently he jumped! I guess he’s more agile than we thought.

In fact now that I think about it he has been showing signs of becoming rather possessive of the cat tree. A couple of days ago whilst we were in the kitchen he was sat on the ledge near to the pictured basket. Lola tried to get into the basket and he promptly bonked her on the head! I guess he wants it all to himself.


Lady Joyful


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