Cramped Cuddles

Never Too Big To Cuddle

Lola and Elvis aren’t the only cats in our lives. There are the four English cats that I consider mine (at least partially!) – Woody and Sampson, who live with my older brother; Sacher who recently moved to live with my dad; and Belle, who currently lives with my mum. There are also two more English cats that live with my dad and his partner. And of course the two cats belonging to S’s parents.

The latter can be seen in the picture above. Yes, they are both in that basket. Which explains a) why Arska looks so contorted (because Reiska is in there too) and b) why the basket is bending to a dangerous degree! They are lovely young boys though still a little skittish of people who are not their humans. And they clearly love each-other very much.


Lady Joyful


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