Fat Cat, Skinny Cat

From Above

This is the second time writing this post, because Lola kindly refreshed the page and lost everything I’d written. Thanks Lola! Anyway…

Elvis is on a diet. He doesn’t much appreciate being on a diet. He’d far rather eat Lola’s tasty wet food than his boring, low-calorie dry stuff. His preference is made readily apparent by the eagerness with which he licks even the smallest remnant of jelly from Lola’s bowl if he can get the opportunity to do so.

The diet has been pretty successful. When we weighed him in readiness for starting the diet back in September his weight was 5.7kg, or approximately 12.5lb. His weight did increase slightly at the third weigh-in, reaching a high of 5.76kg. For the most part it has been declining ever since, apart from one tiny up-tick at the start of November, and a plateau in mid-December when we were adjusting the quantities.

We don’t have a target weight in mind for him. It’s difficult to prescribe an exact ideal weight because, as with humans, each individual cat is different. Instead we are keeping an eye on his body condition. He is noticeably slimmer now and the change is particularly apparent when he is walking. When he is sitting or laying down he still looks a bit… well, fluffy. And I don’t just mean his fur.

We’re relatively happy with his weight now. As of the last weigh-in on Sunday it was 5.34kg, a drop of 360g from his starting weight. We’ve adjusted the food slightly so that he’s having a little bit more than he was because we feel the weight loss can be slowed down a tad. Plus now he hopefully won’t be so seemingly desperate for food in the mornings. He sure loves breakfast-time!

And now Lola is telling me it is time for more food, so I’ll have to stop here..!


Lady Joyful


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