Forever Friends

Paying Respects?

There have been several occasions over the last few weeks, or possibly months, that I have turned to S and said “Where’s Maisi?”

Allow me to reassure you for a moment that I have not developed early onset dementia or any other memory disorder. At least that I know of. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for my questioning of the whereabouts of our dear departed cat.

On the times that I have asked that question, what I have really been wondering is where the picture of Maisi has disappeared to. It usually lives on a bookshelf, on top of the box containing her ashes. Sometimes however I will glance over at the shelf to realise that the picture is missing.

Inevitably a quick look will discover the picture on the floor. Thankfully the frame is made of sturdy stuff and we have not had to deal with any broken glass or the like. Each time we return her picture to stand on the box, only to have a repeat of the process just a couple of days later.

Theoretically the cats don’t go on the shelves. Theoretically. The shelves are bordered on either end by cat trees, which give access to the shelves and forms part of the cat runway that goes along the top. Supposedly though the cats can’t get from the trees to the shelves, because we block the ends off.

The crafty kitties, however, have realised that they can just get onto the shelves from the front rather than the side, bypassing the blocks.

I had, perhaps unfairly, assumed that it was Lola getting on the shelves and knocking things down. She is very fond of knocking things off of other things. Plus the shelf that I presumed was being used to access that one is quite short, in terms of the space between it and the one above, and I figured that Elvis would prefer not to squeeze along it.

Earlier today, however, my assumptions were proved wrong as we witnessed Elvis make his way along the shelves and casually sitting next to Maisi as if he does it all the time. He sniffed at her picture a bit, almost but not quite knocking it off in the process, and after a few minutes turned awkwardly around and squeezed his way back along the shelf that I thought he couldn’t fit in.

Shows what I know!


Lady Joyful


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