Hide And Seek

Can you see me?

I assure you that there is indeed a cat in this picture. It make take a moment to spot her though! Lola is very fond of open cupboards. They are favourite place to race into. Especially if she thinks that she’s not allowed in them. She does the same thing with the pantry, the bathroom, the dishwasher… She’ll even race into the bedroom and under the bed when we’re trying to get to bed ourselves.

That’s never fun because she is always impossible to get out. We’ve taken to closing the door in the evening just to make sure she can’t get in there, though sometimes she slips past as when we’re trying to get in. She’s a monster!


Lady Joyful


4 thoughts on “Hide And Seek

  1. I cannot find the original post that I saw a few weeks ago but….
    It was about a cat that liked to hide in a fridge. The owner knew that if the cat was not around when he left for work (it would usually be at the front door to say goodbye…) he should check the fridge to make sure the cat was not shut in it.

    When autumn came there was a very cold morning so at breakfast the owner opened the Aga lower oven door (the slow oven) to warm the kitchen. Being in a hurry, after breakfast he closed the oven and left for work.

    Half way to work he thought that the cat had not seen him off that morning and was worried enough to go back home and see what was up.

    The cat was in the oven. As it was the slow oven (look up Aga ovens if you do not understand) the cat could probably have survived for an hour or so.

    So check where the cats are before going out.

      • I was worried for a moment! Glad that the cat was fine in the end. We do try to make sure we know where the cats are whenever we go out, and at various times during the day too. We usually know where Lola is anyway because she yells! If she goes quiet then it is time to worry. 😛

      • Oh and I just remembered a similar story I heard… A girl was babysitting and had put the oven on for making dinner, only to hear a horrible noise a few minutes later. Opened the oven to discover a very unhappy cat. One of the children then told her that the youngest had a habit of putting the cat in the oven. Understandably the babysitter was furious that nobody had bothered to warn her!

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