Christmas is Over

Lola's Bell Hat

Being that today is the 6th of January we finally got around to dismantling our Christmas tree and putting away all of the other Christmas paraphernalia. Lola oversaw the operation of course, because she is in charge of everything.

The Christmas tree is currently on our balcony waiting to be got rid of. Apparently today is the only day the rubbish will take it, but a) we don’t have a saw and b) the tree won’t fit in a black sack in it’s current (whole) state, and as S doesn’t want to track a trail of needles down the stairs we are leaving it until we do have a saw and can fit it in a sack. Hopefully this weekend. Not sure where we’ll dispose of it then, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. No doubt disposing of a Christmas tree is easier than disposing of a body.

Not that I’ve ever disposed of a body, I hasten to add.

Also for anyone who thinks my comments about the needles being everywhere is an exaggeration… Well for you, I present evidence A:

Just a few needles

Yes, that is what my living room floor looked like after S had removed the tree to the balcony. That pile of needles was assisted by Lola attacking the tree repeatedly, and S deciding that the best way to get the tree out of the base would be a combination of pulling and shaking. The result was more needles on the floor than on the tree. Sigh. Next year we are getting one of those super special no-drop trees because this is ridiculous. The little bin that lives by S’s desk is now literally full of Christmas tree needles. I have a feeling we will still be finding them in December.

The Christmas tree also left us another present. At least I presume that’s where it came from. A spider. I hate spiders. S caught it in a glass and took it out to the balcony. And then had to do it again when about half an hour later I noticed that the spider was still in the glass

So now we are Christmas-free. More or less. And I have developed a hatred of Christmas tree needles, which will hopefully pass before next Christmas.


Lady Joyful

Are your Christmas decorations all packed away? Did you have a cat overseeing the operation?


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