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Kitty Dinner Party

It’s kind of funny how we make assumptions with regards to price. Pretty much since we started Elvis on his diet I figured that his special food must be costing us more than Lola’s run-of-the-mill stuff. After all, Elvis’s food comes in at about 36€ a bag, whilst Lola’s is just 7€ for two boxes. Okay sure, I knew that didn’t give a perfect comparison; consideration needs to be given to things like cost per kilo, or cost per day, or what have you. But still, I assumed that Elvis’s would cost more.

I assumed wrong.

A few days ago we were working out where to buy more of Elvis’s Super Special Food for Fatties. Previously we’d gone into town and bought it from the vet’s, but a quick search on the internet revealed that we could save a little money (and a lot of effort) by putting in an order for two bags, which would work out at a smidgen under 70€ and should last 6 months.

With my unbeatable mathematical skills, I ascertained that we can feed him for just 38 cents a day. Really, I don’t know who else could have worked that out. It’s ridiculously difficult to decipher that 7 kg (a.k.a. 7000g) for 70€ (a.k.a. 7000 cents) works out at a cent for every gram. You’re probably glad I was able to work that out for you. You’re welcome.

Having solved that mathematical conundrum I decided to work out how much Lola’s food is costing us in a day. As I said at the beginning, I presumed the bog-standard food would work out cheaper.

We bulk buy Lola’s food when we find it on offer 2-for-7€ which is the cheapest we’ve seen. Each box contains 12 packets, and Lola gets through four packets a day. Side note: The guidelines suggest two packets as being enough for a cat of Lola’s size. However we have found that unless we want to be yelled at all day long, four packets works best. The only time she gets through as little as two packs a day is when she’s not feeling well. We’re trying to wean her down, but she somehow seems to know that three-and-three-quarters is not the same as four. And, you know, the yelling.

Anyway, the food comes to 3.50€ per box, with a box lasting three days, which is a grand total of approximately 1.16€ per day.

The amount it costs to feed Lola per day could feed Elvis for three days. That’s crazy! And even if Lola would eat just two packets a day, that would still be 58 cents – a whole 20 cents more than what we spend on Elvis.

So much for expensive “special” food!


Lady Joyful

Do your cats have special diets like Elvis, or regular food like Lola? Does the price difference surprise you?

5 thoughts on “Food for Thought

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    • The problem is that a lot of food makes Lola sick. Or I guess makes her sick more often, because she is sick frequently regardless. We’re planning on getting her to the vet in the next couple of weeks to try and investigate further in that regards, so hopefully the results of the investigations will also help us work out what food we could swap to. At the moment we’re reluctant to try changing to anything because we don’t want her to start being sick more often.

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