Sleep, Climb, Play

Testing the new treeLola and Elvis got a new cat tree for Christmas. It actually arrived quite a while before Christmas but we didn’t put it together until then. Firstly because it was intended to be their Christmas present, and secondly because we are disgraceful slackers and should be terribly ashamed of ourselves.

Our cats already had two cat trees. Actually three – I never remember to count the small one. The main two are in the living room, in the corners on one side. Between the two cat trees are shelves, and there are more shelves going along another wall, so that the shelves and the trees make a cat walkway along two walls of the living room, allowing the cats to race back and forth like mad things when they want to. It is also thanks to the cat runway set-up that the infamous kitten-on-head debacle took place.

The third cat tree that we owned prior to acquiring this new one is in our bedroom. I always forget to count it because it is not a full height one. It is in front of the window at the end of the desk I’m meant to use as a writing space but which ends up being used to hold messy piles of whatever. This small tree is usually used by Elvis, who likes to lie on the top of it and look out the window, or just sleep.

Warm napsThe reason we decided to get a new cat tree was because one of the ones in the living room broke slightly. Not a major breakage, simply that one day Lola was climbing the tree and as she pushed off from one of the baskets to go higher she went up and the basket kept going down. For some reason the plastic ring thing that kept it in place had decided to snap in half. Luckily Lola didn’t fall, just looked a tad confused.

In the end we’ve kept the broken cat tree. The way it broke didn’t leave any sharp edges or anything dangerously like that. It’s no longer as aesthetically pleasing, but really that’s the only problem with it. And since when do cats care about aesthetics anyway?

We decided to put the new tree up in the corner of our kitchen, and it seems to have been a good choice. The cats did already have a “perch” to use to look out of the window there – two tall stools – but now they have even more places to sit and stare out if they so choose.

A new sleeping spotWe were worried that they wouldn’t use it, but they have taken to it surprisingly quickly. The lower basket rests just above the radiator and I would imagine it is lovely and warm to sleep there. We have in fact spotted Lola doing exactly that on several occasions. Elvis has slept in there too when Lola is elsewhere, though we’ve more frequently found him sitting on top of – not in – the lower hutch (Lola has once slept inside the hutch). Elvis also likes to play with the rope that dangles from a higher part of the tree.

It seems to me that the cats liked their Christmas present, which is definitely a good thing. More places to climb, sleep, and watch the world go by – just what every cat wants!


Lady Joyful

Do you have any furniture specifically for cats? What is your cat’s favourite sleeping spot?


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