Christmas Is Coming (Are You Ready?)

Lola the Tinsel FairyAdvent calendars everywhere are now seven chocolates lighter (time zone permitting, of course), and Christmas is rapidly approaching. I’ve already started listening to the Christmas playlist I compiled in YouTube to try and get in the Christmas mood.

Whilst Christmas is a wonderful time of year it can also be a time of great stress. Food, cards and decorations can get expensive, and that’s before adding in the presents. Too many people feel that they have to out-do each-other with gifts. Every year we have to buy bigger, better, or just plain more.

I’ve mentioned before that we are currently losing about as much money as we’re getting in each month. One of the perks of unemployment there… With our financial situation being what it is you’d think I’d be dreading the Christmas season, right?

But I’m not. And here’s why.

I have a budget.

I’ve spoken before about using YNAB to keep our finances in order. I still love it. I’m certain we would be in a much worse situation financially if we hadn’t found it.

Elvis and the Christmas LightsEvery month we’ve been sinking a little money into our Christmas category. Not much, because we haven’t exactly had a lot to spare, but we’ve been putting what we can. And it’s paid off.

Having a budget means that we don’t get to December with the sudden realisation that we’re going to have to find a huge chunk of money from somewhere. We don’t have to. We already have that money, because we’ve been adding to it a little at a time.

In fact we don’t have that money any-more. We spent it on Christmas presents. One was even bought back in February! That’s another benefit to having the budget being built up in advance. The money is there waiting to be spent on Christmas gifts, so if you see the perfect present for Aunty Maud – or whoever – in June then what’s to stop you buying it?

With our budget we have been able to buy (almost) all our Christmas presents, wrap them and get them ready to send off, and December has only just started!


Lady Joyful

PS, If you think that you too could benefit from a budget then you can try YNAB’s free trial. If you decide to buy then you can use this link to save 6$ (Full disclosure – I will receive 6$ as a reward for each successful referral), or if you use Steam keep an eye out there as YNAB is sometimes included in their sales. And if you are a student you can get YNAB for free.

Are you ready for Christmas? Have you budgeted for it? Why, or why not?

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