Supplies to the Stranded

I’ve written before about what I would want with me if I was stranded on a desert island. Today’s post is a little different – what five objects would I send off to my husband if he were stranded on a desert island?

Admittedly it’s a little bit of an odd scenario. If I had the ability to send items to S in the event that he was stranded, then surely I would have the ability. But let’s suspend our disbelief for a while.

Most of the items I would want S to have with him are the same as I chose to have with me. Practical, useful items. Just what you want and need when your stuck for who knows how long in the middle of nowhere. For example…

  1. A knife. Ideally a machete, but any kind of knife would do. Knives are useful for hunting and preparing food, as well as digging and preparing non-food things such as stripping branches back for building shelters and so on. They also have some use with regards to self-defence, although with a knife you need to get in pretty close to your attackers.
  2. Fire lighting equipment. A tinderbox is more useful than matches because they run out and can’t generally be found lying around desert islands when they need replenishing. If S had fire lighting equipment he would be able to, obviously, light fires which have many uses. They are good for warmth, for cooking food, and also for boiling water in order to make it drinkable. They can also be used to act as signals, but more use for signalling would be…
  3. A flare gun. If S saw a ship in the distance, or a plane flying along the horizon, I’d want him to have some way of catching their attention and what better way than a flare gun.

On my own list I went on to add clothes and writing implements. Whilst I’m sure S would appreciate clothes, I think he’d have more concerns than being able to wear a clean outfit if he was stranded. Also he’s not as interested in writing as I am so that wouldn’t necessarily be something he’d need.

Considering his interests and what he enjoys I would further add to the list the following things:

  1. A solar charger. S is definitely into his tech, and of course desert islands don’t tend to have charging points, though they are known for their bright sunshine. As such a solar charger would be very useful for prolonging the usability of the final item on the list.
  2. His tablet. As much as I’m sure he would prefer to have his computer with him the tablet is a bit more feasible when stranded on a desert island. Combined with the previous item it could keep him entertained for a long time with the games that are there. He could use the e-reader app if he wanted to read, the notebook if he wanted to write, and if by some luck he was able to get some kind of internet reception he could browse to his heart’s content. Not to mention that he would be able to contact someone to come and rescue him!


Lady Joyful

How would your desert island wishlist differ from that of your partner/best friend?

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