NaBloPoMo: Week Three

As week three of Motivember draws to a close the end of the month is nearly upon us. This year’s Motivember has been somewhat of a struggle compared to the previous, and it is undeniable that improvements could be made. That said, here’s how the goals have progressed over the past week.

White Winter

When we were outside this evening – taking the bins out and having a little wander around the block – I got thinking about winter. After all, ’tis the season, here in Finland at least. 

Perfectly Free

  As someone who is frustratingly unemployed, the concept of a day off is different to me than to many other people. Depending on my frame of mind at the time if someone asked me about what I would do for a day off I would probably answer in one of the following ways:

NaBloPoMo: Week Two

  Week two of Motivember is rapidly drawing to it’s close. We’re now half way through the month and, in theory at least, half way to completing all the goals. This week has had some ups and downs. Read on to see how each goal is progressing!

On Cats and Diets

Readers of this blog may have noticed by now that we have cats. It’s pretty hard to overlook with the recent photo posts, certainly. Our cats are Lola (a.k.a. skinny cat, or pest cat if when she’s being annoying) and Elvis (a.k.a. fat cat).