Snuggly Seat Stealer

Snuggly Seat Stealer

Whilst Elvis may not be a lap cat (usually, at least) he does like seats. Most particularly any seat that has been vacated within the last three seconds or so. By Elvis’s logic, if you stand up you obviously don’t plan on returning to the seat.

When he recently stole my seat (about 0.5 seconds after I left it) I decided to exact my retribution by draping him in my snuggy – a poncho-blanket thing that I was given for my birthday and have since lived in, because it is warm and snuggly. Despite the unimpressed look on his face, as shown by the picture, Elvis didn’t actually seem to mind the punishment very much as he was perfectly content to stay under the snuggy so long as he didn’t have to let me have my seat back.


Lady Joyful

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