Sleepy Heads

Feeling Friendly

Sometimes I despair of Lola and Elvis ever being friends. Elvis tries, he does, but he doesn’t seem to realise that his methods do nothing more than annoy the heck out of Lola. The majority of their interaction ends with Lola swearing violently at Elvis and, if he doesn’t get the message and tries again, us having to separate them at least temporarily.

Which is why I was very surprised to find them on the bed together today. There was a reasonable sized gap between them, admittedly, but usually Lola will not deign to be on the bed of Elvis is there before her. If Lola is there first then she inevitably trots off if Elvis dares to try and get up on the bed.

Perhaps there is hope for them yet.

Then again, perhaps not as they’ve been bickering again this evening!


Lady Joyful

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