NaBloPoMo: Week Three

NaBloPoMo 2014

As week three of Motivember draws to a close the end of the month is nearly upon us. This year’s Motivember has been somewhat of a struggle compared to the previous, and it is undeniable that improvements could be made. That said, here’s how the goals have progressed over the past week.

Computer troubles led to missing a couple of days meaning that I have failed at my goal of posting everyday. Nonetheless I intend to continue until the month ends and I will endeavour to keep going into next month as well.

Rather too many of the posts I did were simple photo posts put together at the last moment in order to meet my self-imposed deadlines. Whilst there is nothing wrong with photo posts I really wish I would get myself in order to have properly planned posts, be they photographs or otherwise.

I have not made any headway with the goals of becoming buffered nor of becoming freshly pressed.

Yet another unmitigated disaster. Look at all the red on the calendar in the bar to the left. Not promising. The chances of me winning this year are slim to none. I’m so far behind I’d have to do several writing marathons and whilst it may be manageable if I set my mind to it… Well, I’m having trouble setting my mind to it. I’ll do what I can and try to finish the month in as strong a position as possible, but unfortunately this Motivember I seem to be struggling to find the necessary motivation.

  • Exercise, Sleep

I’ll merge these two together because there’s not a lot to say. Eh… Kind of. Except I didn’t leave the flat Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. And I keep oversleeping. Or at least not wanting to get up in the mornings even when I am awake. I know what the problem is – I’m getting S.A.D. again, and life things are getting to me. I know that having a better daily structure, getting more fresh air and exercise, and a better sleep pattern would all likely help me dealing with it but I’m struggling. S has been given permission to be “mean” to try and help me getting out of bed in the mornings, so maybe that’ll fix it.

  • Job

Haven’t heard back from the job I mentioned in last week’s round-up, but I didn’t really expect to. Whilst I haven’t found anything else that seemed suitable there are a few things in the pipeline. I’m going to reapply to something I applied to a while ago – the company has an “open” application system and I think I could benefit from a fresh application to them and we’ll see what happens. I could get an apprenticeship in the field I am interested in, though it would be unpaid. There’s also a slight possibility of me getting employment in a field I’m not interested in but it’s better than losing hundreds of euros a month as a result of having far less income than we need to live in. So yeah. That.

  • Organisation

Yes and no.

Okay I should probably say more than that. Housework has been… not exactly kept on track, but it’s improving. I have vaguely worked on other tasks I need to get done – I darned a sock today, and was going to do another but Lola fell asleep on my sewing box so I couldn’t find the thread I needed. I was also planning on working a bit more on our Price Book (I’m planning on doing a blog about it sometime in the future, but basically it tracks the costs of things we buy – milk for example – to enable us to see where we can get the best price for it, as well as track how costs change over time, and any patterns to offers) but because the sewing box Lola was sleeping on was on my desk I didn’t really have space for working on the price book. Plus she was blocking half my computer screen so I couldn’t see all the details in my records…

Anyway, those are both things I’d like to get finished sooner rather than later. I also need to get my Christmas shopping finished and acquire some inexpensive Christmas cards so that I can get cards and presents sent of to England in the next couple of weeks. I want to make sure they all arrive in time after all.

Still not happy with how things are going. It will only change if I change it, I know. I also know that mentally I’m not in a great place recently. Part of me feels like I should take it easy on myself, let myself slack off a little and relax to avoid the stress. The other part of me thinks I need to suck it up and get on with things. I think both parts are right, really. I just need to find the right balance.


Lady Joyful


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