Perfectly Free

NaBloPoMo 2014


As someone who is frustratingly unemployed, the concept of a day off is different to me than to many other people. Depending on my frame of mind at the time if someone asked me about what I would do for a day off I would probably answer in one of the following ways:

  1. A day off from what exactly?
  2. Yes, please. I would love to take a day off from this repetitively boring nothingness.

Both of these can be fairly easily explained. With no job my days often lack structure. There is little for me to do. Sure there are things I should be doing – housework, Finnish practice, job hunting – and yes, I do them, but nonetheless my days often feel repetitive and insignificant. I feel like I do nothing. I achieve nothing. And it bores me. And it frustrates me. And it might just drive me crazy. Well, crazier.

If I imagine for a moment that my life had more structure and allowed me the possibility of a day off then that’s a whole ‘nother thing to think about.

It’s hard to say what my ideal day off would be like. There’s a lot to be said for slobbing at home after a hard week of working. Just taking the time to relax. No obligations, no need to do anything. Just unwinding and enjoying the freedom.

On the other hand knowing how torturous such repetitive nothingness can be I can also see the benefits of having more active days off with places to go and things to do. We used to visit heritage sites – old houses, gardens, castles and what have you – when I was younger. Sometimes I didn’t enjoy it, I’ll admit. I was a child (and then teenager) so of course I would sometimes resent being dragged to these boring museums or whatever and being made to walk around the place being quiet and not touching things and learning. Pff. I had school for learning, I didn’t need to learn on the weekends too. Geez.

Ah youth. Learning doesn’t turn off when you leave school. In any case, learning is what makes things fun and interesting. I don’t think I’d want a million and one activities lined up for every single one of my days off, should I ever have the luxury of having them, but it’s nice to have every once in a while. To break up the monotony. Yeah, I’d like that please.

This post is inspired by today’s Daily Prompt.


Lady Joyful

P.S. Our computer problems have now been rectified meaning that the blog can return to its regular NaBloPoMo schedule. Sorry for the interruptions!

What would your perfect day off be like? Do you prefer to relax by doing nothing, or by taking part in activities?

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