NaBloPoMo: Week Two

NaBloPoMo 2014


Week two of Motivember is rapidly drawing to it’s close. We’re now half way through the month and, in theory at least, half way to completing all the goals. This week has had some ups and downs. Read on to see how each goal is progressing!

I haven’t missed a day, so technically the goal is met. There were a few more purely photo posts than I would have preferred, if I’m honest with myself. However there were one or two posts that I was relatively happy with the amount of forethought I put into them. There is certainly room for improvement and I hope I will do better.

I didn’t have any success towards getting myself “buffered” as described in last week’s round up. On the other hand I did have a mini brain-storming session in which I came up with general ideas for the future of the blog, so that’s a start. I will aim again this coming week to try and get at least a mini-buffer going.

No success on the bonus goal yet, but nor was there anything worthy of achieving it, in my mind at least.

Can I skip this one? No? Okay, okay. It’s been a disaster. I started over as I discussed, but that wasn’t until Friday if I recall correctly. Prior to that I wrote nothing. Since then I have written nothing. This puts me at about twenty thousand words behind schedule. Eek. Although someone very recently pointed out to me that the “rules” of NaNoWriMo are flexible enough that I could still count the words-before-restart within my count still, so I am actually only about 15k behind. Which is still terrible…

Nothing a couple of writing marathons won’t fix. I was hoping to avoid them this year, but really I bought this on myself so… We shall see what happens. Here’s hoping next week goes better.

I have not yet worked on the bonus goal.

  • Exercise

I haven’t found a replacement challenge for this and don’t expect I will. Nonetheless I have succeeded in getting some form of exercise almost every day. Monday to Wednesday is easy because I have to go to my Finnish classes which involves some amount of walking or cycling, and on Sunday’s we visit the in-laws and usually walk around a shop (to buy milk!) which is better than nothing. I just need to make sure Thursday, Friday and Saturday involve doing something. Even if it’s just a walk around the block after taking the bins out.

  • Sleep

There have been some reasonable days, and some terrible days. I would say mostly terrible days. About half of the nights this week I kept waking during the night and as such felt exhausted in the morning and not inclined to get up. With regards to the bonus goal I think there was only one night that I went to bed “on time”. D-, must try harder.

  • Job

I applied to a job today! It’s not exactly what I want to do but it’s in the right field, and as it would be maternity cover it’s only a year so if I find it too unpleasant I will at least know that it’s not forever. Actually I think it sounds like it could be a lot of fun so I’m hoping I will get it. The job would involve a move to another city, but it’s a city that we were half expecting to move to this month because of a different job that I had applied to. The deadline for applications for this job (the one applied to today) is the last day of this month, so I don’t expect to hear anytime soon. I will continue to look for and apply to jobs whilst I’m waiting.

  • Organisation

I haven’t restructured this goal yet and still feel it is a bit namby-pamby. But I have worked on it a bit. Chores have been kept up on relatively well, but there is room for improvement. I did manage to cross of an item from my to-do list. It was to get my email inbox sorted because it was a horribly neglected mess with over 100 unread emails. Many of them have been filed away for future perusal, but everything is at least sorted. And it only took me an hour… I have also been working on another to-do list task which is to finish knitting a scarf I’ve been working on for who-knows-how-long. It’s slow progress – I’m not a good knitter. But I’ll keep working on it.

I’m not happy with this week. I feel like I’m making far too many excuses and I need to kick my backside into gear. Although to be honest kicking oneself up the backside is not exactly an easy task. Here’s hoping that next week will be more successful. Of course, it will only be a success if I work to make it one.


Lady Joyful

I apologise if there are any mistakes in this post. It is late and I should have written this hours ago but we’ve been having a few computer issues which contributed to the delay. I thought it better to get something up even if there are errors than to not get anything posted at all!


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