On Cats and Diets

Sleepy Elvis in a boxReaders of this blog may have noticed by now that we have cats. It’s pretty hard to overlook with the recent photo posts, certainly. Our cats are Lola (a.k.a. skinny cat, or pest cat if when she’s being annoying) and Elvis (a.k.a. fat cat).

A little over two months ago we decided to put Elvis on a diet. Considering he spends most of his time asleep (when he’s not irritating Lola) or eating, he was not exactly svelte, so we felt it was necessary.

Readers who have cats will probably understand the difficulty of having different diets for different cats, especially when one has a penchant for food. We had to start feeding them separately. As Lola was continuing with wet food it made sense for her to keep being fed in the hallway where her capacity for mess making was limited. The diet food we bought for Elvis is dry and therefore less messy. We’ve taken to feeding him in the living room, with the door closed so that they don’t swap and eat each-other’s food.

Elvis curled up on the bedOf course, as soon as the door is open Elvis will race over to see if Lola left any atoms of jelly to lick up. And sometimes Lola will saunter over to Elvis’s bowl to see if he left any dry food for her to crunch on.

The diet does seem to be having an effect. He’s still a tubby cat, but we’ve been monitoring his weight each week and though there are some fluctuations his weight loss has been fairly steady. When we started he weighed 5.7kg. As of today he is 5.44kg. We’re not entirely certain what his ideal weight is, but I think he still has a little way to go. We’re keeping an eye on his body condition and comparing it to a body condition tool to try and make sure we are on track.

Elvis does not like being on a diet. He does not appreciate being shut away from the wet food that Lola gets to eat. But being overweight can cause health problems in cats as it can in humans, and especially as he is at such an age as to be considered an old cat we want to make sure he’ll be healthy. And he gets lots of cuddles to make up for the indignity of dieting. Hopefully the downward weight trend will continue.


Lady Joyful

Do you have pets that are on diets, be it for weight or other health issues? How do you handle feeding your pets separately?

5 thoughts on “On Cats and Diets

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  4. Leila was about 9kg but has lost a bit and Macey is about 3.4kg. We do not try to feed differently unless one of them is ill (usually from fighting the local bully tom) when medicine may be needed on the food.

    • It is definitely easier to feed the cats together when possible. We found that even when we had the foster kittens it was difficult feeding them separately, because all the cats were more interested in the food that they weren’t meant to be eating.

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