NaBloPoMo: Week One

NaBloPoMo 2014The first week of Motivember is now at an end. In today’s post I am going to talk about how the month’s goals are going so far. I set the goals and discussed my reasoning for them in a previous post.

This week has gone well. I have successfully posted every single day, though I seem to keep leaving the posts until late in the evening! There is definitely room for improvement and as we go into this next week I am going to set myself the mini-goal of trying to get the posts done in a more timely manner and put more thought and planning into the posts. Ideally I would like to get myself “buffered” such that I have each post prepared a day ahead.

No success on the bonus goal yet, but I don’t think I’ve done anything worthy of it anyway.

Slightly less successful here… Day one was great and I just broke the word count. Every other day has been less successful and in the latter part of the week I have done exactly nothing. The widget in the side bar shows my success (or not) – green days are when I’ve met/exceeded the goal, yellow and orange are writing that doesn’t quite reach the goal, and red is no writing at all. There is a lot of red there… I think part of the problem is that I feel that the writing style is not quite right. I want to start over, which of course will make me even more behind than I already am, but I think that might be the right route to go. So the clarified goal for this coming week is to start afresh and get back on track.

I have not yet worked on the bonus goal.

  • Exercise

I have got at least some form of exercise done most days. I have decided to not do the book based exercise challenge I mentioned as I have found it was giving me bad back ache even when I followed the instructions exactly as they were written. I don’t know if the instructions were wrong or unclear, or I was misunderstanding them, but I don’t intend to injure myself for the sake of the challenge. I need to have a think and see what I can do as an alternative. For now I will just continue with making sure I get some sort of exercise done every day.

There has been some success for the bonus goal. I haven’t quite made every day, but most of them. I will keep working at this.

  • Sleep

Started out well and then went downhill. Midweek was better, but then this weekend was BlizzCon. Staying up to watch that with the virtual ticket (time zone differences meant it was during the night for us) meant that our sleep cycle got thrown out of whack. For example, Friday we took a nap in the afternoon in preparation, then stayed up until six, slept until midday, up until about four and slept until midday again. So this week will be about getting back on track with the sleep cycle. I think I will shift the emphasis to be less about going to bed or getting up at certain times and more about making sure I get the correct amount of sleep, which in theory should allow the time thing to just settle itself.

  • Job

I have been checking for jobs daily. Haven’t had much luck finding anything suitable. Trying not to feel despondent. I shall keep working on improving my Finnish and see how things work out. Fingers crossed…

  • Organisation

I think this goal might not be structured enough. I’ve been allowing myself to think of it as a success even if I only achieved one of the sub-goals. In any case I’ve managed to do at least one sub-goal every day so far. My aim for this coming week is to be more successful in doing something towards each of the sub-goals.

Overall I feel like the first week has gone reasonably well but there is certainly room for improvement. I most definitely want to improve, but I guess we’ll see next week whether I succeed or not!


Lady Joyful


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