NaBloPoMo: Arachnophobia

NaBloPoMo 2014

Today’s post is inspired by a Writing 101 prompt that encourages addressing something that scares you or makes you anxious.

I hate spiders. Hate them. They are creepy. I’m not sure what it is about them exactly. The ridiculous amount of legs perhaps, or the creepy way the walk. Ugh. I’ve always disliked spiders, for as long as I can remember.

As a child I lived in a fairly old house, and in the autumn we’d often find spiders in the house. Large ones. And normally I was the lucky one to find them. I remember on several occasions running downstairs to tell my parents that there was a spider, and it was “this big!” They never believed how big it was, until they went and saw it.

One particular incidence I was in my bedroom getting changed into my pyjamas and just happened to look up to see a huge spider sitting on the wall above my bookshelf. I believe I screamed and ran from the room.

Another time I went in to the bathroom only to spot a huge spider on the wall next to the toilet, just below the toilet roll. I don’t think I screamed that time… There was another occurrence in the bathroom, this time I didn’t notice it until I’d already locked myself in. I’d just gone to wash my hands when I spotted the spider. Again on the wall. Only this time it was right next to the door. I would have to go past it to get out. That was horrible. I didn’t want to stay in the room with the damn thing, but I didn’t want to go near it either.

On a particularly horrible occasion I was in my room doing homework when I noticed a large spider on my bed. I hurried downstairs to tell my mum and she said she’d deal with it “in a minute.” By the time she came back upstairs with me it had disappeared. When I folded back my duvet to go to bed that evening it conveniently reappeared, crawling out from the depths. For weeks afterwards I wouldn’t get into bed without pulling the cover right back and checking for spiders.

Though I did have the dubious luck of being the one to find spiders more often than not, it wasn’t always me. My older brother recounted a time when he had put his dressing gown on and was walking down the stairs only for a spider to appear on his shoulder. He quickly shed the dressing gown. I would have been terrified if that had happened to me.

The good thing about having cats is that they will kill spiders for you. My family has always had cats, and I quickly learned that if I found a creepy crawler I could just point the cats at them and that was that. I don’t usually condone creature-on-creature violence, but spiders are just… ick.

Sometimes the cats would find the spiders before us, and we’d only be aware of it when we found one of the cats munching on their eight-legged snack. Tasty. At least it can’t get into my bed if it is being eaten.

My dad would often try to convince me that spiders are good, not scary. That they help keep flies and wasps from getting out of control, and other reasons that still don’t make me want them in my bed. Fine, they do good work. Good for them. So long as they do it away from me I don’t mind. But if they come near me…


Lady Joyful

What’s your worst spider experience?


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