NaBloPoMo: Rurality

NaBloPoMo 2014Today’s post is inspired by a Writing 101 prompt. For the prompt I must pick a word from a nearby book and use this to inspire me, with the twist of writing the post in the form of a letter. My word is “rural”.


I hope you don’t mind me writing. You gave me your address and said I should, but I wasn’t sure if you meant it. I don’t even know if this is really your address… I could be writing to the Chinese takeaway for all I know.

Sorry, I don’t mean that. Let me start again.

Hi April!

How are you?

I saw on the news that you had a bad storm yesterday. I used to love watching the lightning flash of the windows of the high-rise opposite us. Do you do that? There hasn’t been any lightning since I moved here. I guess I should give it more time. It won’t be the same though. No high rises here.

You asked me to tell you what it’s like. It’s…. rural.

You’re laughing at me, aren’t you?

Yes, yes, I know. It’s a farm, in the countryside. Of course it is rural. It’s just strange to me. I’m so used to the bustle and noise of the city. The kids here have me pegged already – a Townie through and through.

You’d do alright here I reckon. You lived on a ranch with your folks, didn’t you? I guess you’d enjoy it. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the smell though.

I don’t know what to say.

Write back to me. If you have time.



You really live above a Chinese restaurant? Ha, I guess I’m funnier than I thought.

We had a storm last night. You were right, the smell of the grass after the rain is just… unique. I could get used to that, I’m sure. It sure smells better than the animals do.

It’s not a huge farm. Just a few animals. We have a couple of sheep and a cow. There’s two goats – one of them keeps eating Mandy’s flowers. It’s funny to watch her chasing after it. She keeps threatening to take it to the butcher.

Let’s see, what else… Well we have some chickens. And a rooster. He wakes me up at an ungodly hour everyday. But then I have to be up early to help with breakfast for the guests anyway.

Speaking of the guests, it’s nearly time for me to make lunch for them. Back to the grind.

I look forward to your next letter.


Hi April,

Oh, Mandy isn’t my girlfriend. She’s my aunt. Kind of. Not by blood or anything. Anyway she owns the farm. I guess she’s my boss really. But certainly not my girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment.

Yeah we have a B&B here. I mostly just help out with making the meals, keeping the place tidy, that kind of stuff. I don’t have much interaction with the animals. Well I collect eggs from the hens.

Don’t laugh, but I don’t like the animals much. I don’t have anything against them it’s just… they scare me. Those goats look at me with their demon eyes and I swear they’re planning ways to run me through with their nasty horns. Ugh.

It’s not bad, working here. My room and food is included, so I can use my pay for whatever I want. Not that there’s much to do around here. I miss the city. The nearest city is thirty miles away, and there’s one bus a day. Seriously. Okay maybe that’s not entirely true, but it feels like it.

Thinking of you.


Dear April,

Sorry to hear your date was such a disaster. I always thought Rick was a jerk. You can do better. You deserve better. I mean really, what kind of man does that? If I was taking you out Well… at least you got out of it fast.

Things to do around here? Like I told you, there’s nothing. The most exciting thing is Mandy’s book club, and that’s just a bunch of little old women discussing their romance novels. You know the kind – titles like The Baron’s Woman, or The Secret Flame of the Heart, or The Poor Innocent Woman and the Well Endowed Widower, or whatever the hell.

I suppose I could take up hiking. Get myself ruralised. Ruralised, is that even a word? Are there wolves around here? I should probably found out. It’d be just my luck to get myself eaten. I guess wolves can’t be worse than devil goats. One of them butted me yesterday. I have a huge bruise now. Right in front of the guests too… They thought it was hilarious.



Dear April,

Can’t write a long letter, we’re rushed off our feet this week. Some kind of farm festival going on.

You’re not meant to read the crossed out bits. That’s why they’re crossed out. I guess we can never find out the answer to that. We’re far too star-crossed – you the country girl in the big city, me the townie on the farmstead. Ignore that. I may have been reading one of Mandy’s books… I was bored.

I won’t get myself eaten, I promise. I can’t promise that the goat’s won’t end up eaten though…




Did I really write love? I don’t know what to say. Would you be more insulted if I didn’t mean it, or if I did? I was in a hurry and didn’t really think.

Mandy mentioned there’s going to be a book festival here in a couple of weeks. Apparently that author is going to be there. Whathisname. The one who wrote the book about the island and the pirates, and something about a necklace. Red something. Red Treasure? Weren’t you reading that last time I saw you?

Ah shoot, the goats have escaped.


Dear April,

Yeah, Serpent’s Island, that’s the one. I was close. Kind of. Your favourite author? Really? I hadn’t realised. I spoke to Mandy and she said there would be a room here for you if you want to come for the festival. It’d be nice to see you. You could teach me how to be rural. If you want to.



Dear April,

I can’t wait.



The end. Hope you liked it. It’s a little bit cobbled together but I think it works. I’d love to hear what you thought of it.


Lady Joyful

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: Rurality

    • Maybe I should do another post sometime with April’s letters! I don’t have them but I imagined what they would say. I did consider writing both sets of letters, but then it would have ended up very long, and I thought it worked nicely just to have the story from one point of view 🙂

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