An Autumnal Afternoon

Today I am taking inspiration from another Writing 101 prompt. The prompt suggests taking a trip to a public location and reporting on what is seen there, without using any adverbs. It’s not really convenient for me to go out anywhere now (it’s dark here already…) so I’m going to do this as a work written in hindsight. I’m also going to try to keep it relatively short.

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn, their colours changing from green to gold. Soon it will be time for them to fall. They will flutter to the ground, graceful in their deaths. Some have fallen already. The brisk wind shakes them from the branches. A few huddle together in crisp piles at the base of the tree trunks, still fewer are scattered further afield, forever lost from their fellows.

The ducks pay no heed to the falling of the leaves. Instead they crouch by the water, ever vigilant of the jets of water that spew forth from the fountain from time to time. Once in a while one or two of the ducks will stand and waddle a few steps to find somewhere more comfortable to lie, or to visit a neighbour. Mostly though they lie with their heads tucked under their wings, or peck at their feathers. Their heavy round bodies are preparing for the winter.

A path encircles the pool of water, on the outer-edge of which are a number of wooden benches. On one sits a man with a scruffy beard and worn leather jacket. Every now and then he pauses in his unfocused staring to take a swig from the tall can clutched in his gloved hands.

On another bench a young mother sits. Her attention flicks between her phone and her exuberant child. The child is giggling as she totters towards the ducks. They are wise to her though, and waddle away before she can catch them.

In the distance is a dog walker. A large dog, black and fluffy, trots at his heels. It’s head turns as it sniffs some scent unknown to anyone else, or sees something rustling in the leaves. It resists temptation, staying at its master’s side.

That will do I think. Hope you enjoyed it!


Lady Joyful



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