Today’s post is inspired by a Writing 101 prompt. The instructions are to write a story about finding a letter. The twist is to make it as brief as possible, which seems ironic considering how long my last post ended up being! I decided to aim for 150 words, then decided to challenge myself to reduce it. Final count is exactly 100 words.

Paper flutters on a branch. Litter, again. I catch it before the wind does.

The house is too quiet. I enter the garage and place the paper on top of the recycling.

Words catch my eye. My heart flutters now.

I am with you, always.

Falling to my knees I dare to hope… But it is not your writing, your name. You are gone.

I resolve myself. This may not be the sign I crave, but it is a sign nonetheless. Someone else knows this grief.

Did you guide me to this? Hope rekindles. I promise I will find them.


What do you think? Brevity is sometimes difficult for me, as you may have noticed. I think yesterday’s theme might have influenced this story!


Lady Joyful

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