Turning The Leaf

October may seem like an odd time for new beginnings. We’re nearing the end of the year and – at least in this hemisphere – the days are growing longer and darker. But though New Year might be the traditional time for starting afresh, there’s no reason not to stand up and start over at any other time.

I have sadly neglected this blog over its lifetime. November is my busiest month, when I take part in NaBloPoMo and swear that I will be more faithful to blogging, only for it to fall by the wayside once again. The rest of the year posts come in dribs and drabs, if they come at all.

This is me starting over. I can’t promise that it will stick this time, but I can promise I’ll do my best. Starting here and now.

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

I am Lady Joyful, though outside the internet I go by the name of Charlotte. I started blogging because I love to write. Most of my writing experience is in the form of fiction and poetry, and I intend to use this blog as a base to strengthen my skills in other areas of writing too. I’m blogging rather than keeping a private journal because it allows me to get feedback for my work, and to share my interests with others.

I expect to write about a variety of topics, from food to finance, critiquing to creating, pets, photography, and more. No doubt I’ll turn to the Daily Prompts, and Weekly Writing and Photo challenges for inspiration from time to time. Indeed this post has been prompted by the first assignment for Blogging 101 from Blogging U., to which I am a latecomer. I expect the blog will evolve with time as I find my feet and become more confident and frequent in posting.

I don’t expect to make it big with my blog. Success for me would be to have succeeded in posting regularly for a whole year, after which I’m sure the habit would be ingrained and it would be easy to keep up. I hope that I would have a small group of readers who keep coming back, and that my statistics page reflects a regular stream of visitors. My goals are modest, but challenging enough for the time being.

I look forward to having you join me on this blogging adventure.


Lady Joyful

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