Pat-a-Cake: Toblerone Cheesecake

Toblerone Cheesecake Close-upLast Sunday was Appi‘s birthday. S and I decided that we would make him a cake as his birthday present. We love baking, and everyone should have a cake on their birthday, so it seemed a sensible choice. And it seems to be what we do for everyone’s birthdays, but we’ve not had any complaints.

We knew right away that we wanted to make something that was whipped cream-y or cheescake-y. Those are criteria that Appi often looks for in cakes. Previously we made cheesecake and caramel sauce. That cheesecake was a fairly plain one, hence adding the sauce. It was also baked, and if you follow the link and look at the pictures you can see that it cracked on the top. It was the first time I’d made a cheesecake so I was pretty proud of it nonetheless.

This year I wanted to make something a bit different. I have a lot of recipes that I’ve made notes of and store in OneNote on my computer, among which are about forty cheesecake recipes. Yes, forty. And yet I was having difficulty choosing one. None of them seemed quite right. And then I found my inspiration.

I found a recipe that seemed perfect. Toblerone ice cream cake. I know ice cream cake isn’t cheesecake, but bear with me on this one. I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks and sounds delicious. And Appi is rather fond of Toblerone. The recipe didn’t seem too difficult. The main problem would be making the ice cream. We do have an ice cream maker but it is quite small, and I didn’t think it would be suitable.

We decided against the ice cream cake. Maybe we’ll make it next year, with a bit of advanced planning to ensure success. But the recipe served a purpose anyway because it gave me the inspiration I needed to know what to make. A quick search later I had found what I wanted – a recipe for Toblerone cheesecake. Even better, the list of ingredients was tiny and the method was very simple. It’s very quick to make, although it does require time to set.

We whipped it up a day ahead so that it had plenty of time to set. Transporting it was a little daunting, but we managed. It was very gratifying to hear how much everyone enjoyed it. I thought it was delicious!

Toblerone Cheesecake SliceToblerone Cheesecake

Source – BBC Good Food

Servings – 8 (approx.)

Time – about 15 minutes, plus refrigeration time


For the base:

200g digestive biscuits (we used chocolate digestives, though plain would work too… or another biscuit of your choosing)

100g butter

For the filling:

300g cream cheese

200g whipping cream

200g Toblerone (2 bars)

For decorating: (optional)

200g Toblerone (2 bars)


Melt the butter in a pan over medium heat. Place a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water and melt the Toblerone. Meanwhile, crush the biscuits.

Once the butter has melted add the biscuits to the pan and mix until well combined. Pour the mixture into the base of a springform cake tin (about 8″/20cm*). Press the mixture with the back of a spoon until it makes a firm and even covering.

Put the cream cheese in a large bowl and beat until smooth. Lightly whisk the cream until it is almost stiff and add this to the cheese mixture.

Carefully pour the melted Toblerone into the cheese mixture and stir to combine. The mixture will become light brown. You can use the electric mixer again to make sure it is evenly combined, but be very careful not to over-mix because you don’t want the cream to split.

Pour a small amount of the chocolate-cheese mixture onto the base. Arrange the triangles from one of the bars of Toblerone at even intervals around the base. Pour the rest of the mixture over the top and smooth out. Alternatively, if you are not using whole triangles around the edge to decorate** simply pour the whole mixture in at once and smooth out.

Bang the cake tin on a solid surface to make sure that the mixture settles. Be careful doing this, especially if (like us) the base of the cake ‘tin’ is ceramic – it’s not my fault if you break it!

Refrigerate the mixture for 2-3 hours, or longer if you can.

If decorating, smash up the rest of the Toblerone and sprinkle over the top of the cheesecake.

Serve, eat, enjoy!

If you have any leftovers keep them refrigerated. This should keep for at least a few days, possibly up to a week, but I can’t say for certain because we ate it all within only a couple of days.

Toblerone Cheesecake Whole

*The cake tin we used is apparently nearer 9″/23cm. At first it seemed like we didn’t have enough biscuit mixture to cover the base, but with some careful and patient pressing we managed to get it to cover the base without any gaps, but of course the slightly smaller pan would’ve given a slightly thicker base.

**The use of whole triangles to decorate like this does look quite nice, but it is also a little impractical when it comes to eating the cake.


Lady Joyful

What is your favourite kind of cheesecake? What’s the weirdest cheesecake flavour you’ve ever tried?

3 thoughts on “Pat-a-Cake: Toblerone Cheesecake

  1. This looks so delicious- toblerone is my favourite chocolate so I’m going to give this a go! As for weird cheesecakes I guess the most interesting flavour I’ve had is sesame- I guess that’s not TOO out there though- plus it was very yummy 🙂

    • Glad you like the sound of it! Let me know how it turns out if you do make it 🙂

      Wow, sesame cheesecake. That sounds pretty strange to me. I’ll have to try that some time. S quite likes sesame so I’m sure he’d be up for it!

      Thanks for dropping in and commenting 🙂

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