A Mini-Honeymoon

Sunset over the lake

Sunset over the lake

This weekend S and I finally got around to going on a honeymoon. We figured it was about time, considering we’ve now been married for a little over ten months. One of the reasons we haven’t had our honeymoon sooner is because we’d been hoping to save up to go somewhere in particular. We finally realised that it’s going to take at least another couple of years to save enough to go where we really wanted to go, so we decided we should at least do something.

S is of the opinion that it hardly counts as a honeymoon anyway because it’s been so long since the wedding. I can see where he’s coming from with that. It wasn’t much anyway, just a little weekend stay in a place an hour and a half away from home. 

Welcome to Petäys!

Welcome to Petäys! (Shoes are apparently optional…!)

The place we stayed was Petäys Resort. It was an activity centre of sorts. We arrived there after an hour and a half car journey Friday late afternoon. It seemed a nice enough place and after we checked in at reception we were directed through a rabbit warren of corridors to our room. When we reached the room we discovered that we’d been given two separate beds, and after traipsing back through the rabbit warren to reception were informed that, not being a hotel, there were only a limited number of double rooms. None of which were available. We were allowed to push the beds together though to make a make-shift double (and uncovered a spider in the process!) so it all worked out in the end.

Two gulls keeping watch

Two gulls keeping watch

We then headed down to the outdoor restaurant. From the pictures I’d seen before we went I thought it was a boat. It was actually just built out over the lake slightly, and every now and again we would hear the waves slapping against a rock beneath the deck. We sat on the deck in the sunshine to have our dinner, and I took some pictures of the view whilst we waited. I had salmon with a lime-coriander butter which was very good, but the accompanying baked potato was not nice (judging by the texture I think it must have been microwaved) and S did not enjoy his pulled pork burger which looked like something a cat might bring up… We followed up with a lime pannacotta, which we shared. I didn’t like it much, seemed a bit grainy, but S was happy enough to eat it.

Red berries on the way to our room

Red berries on the way to our room

We had intended to partake in some of the activities that first evening, but after a little wander around the threatening storm led to us retreating to our room where we just lazed around watching Bonnie & Clyde on the television, which we found very interesting. We did feel a little guilty for not doing anything else, but we decided that it was alright; being on holiday means a license to relax after all.

Breakfast was a buffet style and rather pleasant. Seeing as the breakfast was included in the cost, whilst the rest of the food wasn’t, we made sure to eat well from it. After breakfast we hunted out the badminton equipment, and discovered the badminton court was just downstairs from our room! We went and played there for about 45 minutes, having great fun. I can’t say that we really played properly, neither of us are particularly good at the game and considering it’s been about 8 years since I last played (in PE at school) I don’t exactly recall the rules with any great accuracy. In any case we enjoyed ourselves, which is the main thing.

A friend wanting to have some of our lunch

A friend wanting to have some of our lunch

After badminton we had a quick go at the mini-golf, at which I was abysmal. S did much better, even getting a hole in one on the last… section, hole, whatever you call the thing. You can tell I know a lot about this kind of stuff, right? We then went back to the outdoor restaurant we’d been at the previous evening and ordered a chicken basket to share. It’s a good thing we didn’t get one each because even between us we couldn’t quite finish all the chips (much to our annoyance; we do hate wasting food). S was extremely impressed with the curry mayonnaise that came for dipping the chicken and chips into. We’re thinking of trying to recreate it sometime. It was fairly good food; greasy and salty as you would expect. Not something to eat all the time, of course, but it was more satisfactory than our dinner had been. We followed up with some ice cream – we had a vouchers for a free ball of ice cream each, and paid to have toppings on it. I had chocolate sauce and chocolate cookie (of course!) and S had Turkish pepper. Very yummy. It started thundering and raining heavily shortly after we finished so we headed back to our room to escape the rain.

Fields on the cycle route

Fields on the cycle route

The rain didn’t take too long to clear up luckily enough so we prepared to go cycling. I got a little upset at a reminder of my past. Long story short, I used to get ill often (and still get ill easier/longer lasting than most people) and the general consensus of friends, and even family despite knowing my medical history, was that I was lying about it. It still hurts me that people could think that of me. And apparently still do think that of me.


We went to reception to get keys for a bike each, and picked up helmets from the lobby whilst we were there. Safety first! I love cycling, and love my bike. It felt a bit strange using a different one, especially as it was a little higher than mine, and missing the gears. We worked out that we would cycle to a church that wasn’t far away. The first bit was down a big hill and then we were on to a gravel track, bordered by fields on either side. It was swelteringly hot, no shade, and we could hear crickets chirping in the grass. We stopped to check the direction, and I snapped some photos, and then we had a problem.

The church

The church

I’m not sure how I managed at the start of the journey, but now, no matter how I tried, I could not get on the bike. It was too high, I couldn’t get in the saddle. I began to get frustrated, annoyed at myself, and then I began to get upset. I think my earlier upset didn’t help matters. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who was patient enough to help me out and talk me through how to mount up by standing on the peddles first and then getting seated. It took a few tries, with S first demonstrating for me, then letting me try on his bike (which was a tad lower). When I managed on that he encouraged me to try again on my bike and I finally got it. It was definitely a good feeling, and showed me that I still have a lot to learn about cycling.

We continued our journey along the gravel track and then turned up a steep hill (I had to dismount) to the church. It was a pretty building, much nicer than some of the churches I’ve seen here in Finland… We decided not to go in and explore, but I took a couple of pictures before we headed back. There was a little car park near the church which was nice and level for me to saddle up again. I don’t think I would’ve been able to manage on the steep slope of the hill. As we cycled back to the Resort we heard thunder and felt a couple of drops of rain. After we locked up the bikes, and returned the keys and helmets, we headed back to our room to wait out the weather. Again.

Across the lake in the evening

Across the lake in the evening

In the evening we decided to try the other restaurant. It was definitely much more expensive which is part of the reason we didn’t take all our meals there. I had a very nice pepper steak, and S just had a salad as he wasn’t particularly hungry. He didn’t enjoy his salad overly much though as he had forgotten to check what was in it, and it arrived covered in shavings of parmesan. He hates cheese. Fortunately he was able to scrape it off and eat the salad without. The croutons were apparently very good. I was happy with my steak; I do like a good pepper sauce. To finish we ordered the vanilla tartlet, again to share. We swapped the sorbet on it for mango instead of rhubarb-something… strawberry I think. S ate the mango sorbet and I ate the tartlet. It was very tasty and far too small!

Shuttlecocks lodged in the ceiling

Shuttlecocks lodged in the ceiling. I think it must have taken a lot of skill to wedge them in like that, and there were several more than the picture shows.

Sunday was our last day, and after another good breakfast at the buffet we went and played badminton again. In the end we stopped that a little sooner than we’d planned as there were other people wanting to play, and in any case we had to return to our room and get everything packed up before we had to check out. We rearranged the furniture once again to return everything to their rightful places, checked and double checked the wardrobe, bathroom and tables to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything, and then went to check out.

We didn’t leave straight away though. After checking out we went to meet S’s parents who had come to collect us, and after dumping the suitcase in the care headed back to the resort where we all partook of the buffet lunch. The food there was pretty average, and I was a little disappointed by the pudding selection (which basically boiled down to strawberries-and-cream or cheese-and-biscuits). I mean honestly, where’s the cake?

And that was that. It wasn’t a long holiday, it wasn’t glamorous, but we enjoyed it. And that’s what counts.


Lady Joyful


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