Foster Diaries: Ilona & Friends – Week Three

I bring terrible wonderful news! Ilona has been reserved for adoption. Isn’t it horrible great? You might be able to tell that I have mixed feelings about this… Ilona is the first kitten we ever fostered. We’ve had her with us for nearly two months, and she’s developed from a tiny hissing little ball of…

NaBloPoMo: Lingual Noesis

Daily Prompt November 22nd – A Bird, A Plane, A You: You get to choose one superpower. Choose one of the these and explain your choice: the ability to speak and understand any language; the ability to travel through time; or, the ability to make any two people agree with each other.

NaBloPoMo: It’s Okay (To Be Gay)

Late last week, whilst doing a little research for another post, I came across an interesting series of articles. These articles discuss what it’s like to be gay around the world. From the US to Egypt, Kenya to the Netherlands, people told their stories of what life is like as a gay person.

NaBloPoMo: Excuses

Today I am not writing a proper post. But I still have to write something, because I have to post something every day… Bit of a dilemma, yes. But I came up with a solution! Without further ado, here are five reasons I’m not writing a proper post today.

NaBloPoMo: Bibliophile

  I have always loved books, ever since I was really little. I learned to read at a very young age – whilst I was still at Montessori school. I’m fairly sure (and I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong!) that I was already reading independently at the age of two.