NaBloPoMo: I’m Having A Bad Bad Day

Why are Bad Days a thing? I mean, what is it that makes bad things happen all at once? I think everyone has probably had a bad day at least once in their lives. One of those days that, from the moment you wake up, everything seems to go wrong.

Back in the summer S had a particularly bad day that I remember clearly. He had work (1) which meant he had to get up at stupid o’clock in the morning (2). He made breakfast for himself and burnt the toast (3) which set the smoke alarm off (4) which of course is not what you want happening at five in the morning unless you want your neighbours to hate you. He tried to stop the alarm being noisy but couldn’t work out how (5) so attempted to take it down in order to remove the battery, except it didn’t want to come off the ceiling (6) and he got annoyed and tore it off which broke the plastic  (7) and tore his fingernail (8). And this was all before work…

When he got home from work it was to Maisi having been sick (9) and being sick again shortly after (10), having to phone the vet because Maisi had become very unresponsive and floppy after being sick again (11) only to be told to phone back to get an expensive (12) after hours appointment. The after hours vet completely dismissed our assessment of how our cat was (13), because of course we can’t possibly know anything about the health of our own cat… but she grudgingly made us an appointment. We had to wait around for ages (14) and by the time the vet saw Maisi she was completely unresponsive (15). When the vet examined her (same vet, didn’t apologise for her rudeness) she immediately said we should put our three-year old cat to sleep (16), but then suggested the vet hospital as a possible alternative. Which was about an hour drive away (17). And we all know how that ended up

Writing all that has put me off my point, I’ll admit. I was going to talk about the bad day I’ve had today but by comparison… It doesn’t seem so bad at all. Ilona went to her new home, which as much as it breaks my heart is really a good thing. And there were a few other things, but now they seem petty.

I guess that gives me a new point to make then.

Yes, bad days are a thing. Perhaps even a Thing. They happen to everyone. They ruin your day and put you in a foul mood (which probably just attracts more nastiness – you react worse to things when you’re in a bad mood, than if you are in a good one.) But it’s important to remember that it could always be worse. Always.

Unless it can’t… Like if the whole world exploded and you somehow were able to survive for slightly longer and just floated in space looking at the vast blankness where everything you knew and loved once was whilst you wait to die. That would be pretty awful.

But most everything else…

Car broke down leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere without any mobile signal? At least it’s not raining!

Got fired from your job? Now you can go and chase that dream you’d been putting off!

House burnt down destroying everything you owned that’s not currently attached to your body? At least your family are all safe!

Knowing that it could be worse might not make you feel any better. Just because it could be worse doesn’t stop you feeling awful about what you are going through. Often you’re right to feel awful. It’s not wrong for me to be devastated by Ilona leaving even though she’s going to a loving new home. I’ll miss her.

It’s okay to get frustrated at the obstacles that keep tripping you over. Get angry at them if you need to; you have my permission. It might even help you deal with them better.

But don’t forget it is within your power to turn a Bad Day around. Don’t let those pesky things beat you!


Lady Joyful

Have you had a Bad Day recently? Why? Tell us about the worst Bad Day you’ve ever had. If you want you could try to put it in perspective by telling us how it could have been worse!


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: I’m Having A Bad Bad Day

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  2. Ilona is just a cat.

    Children grow up and leave to new lives.

    Parents split up and one or both go to new lives.

    University live is not after all what was wanted and someone goes off to a new life.

    etc. etc.

    Life is shit…. or not.

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