NaBloPoMo: Future Is Coming

Daily Prompt November 27th – To Boldly Go… An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self-improvement!

In a month that is as full as this one you can probably understand that goals have been on my mind quite frequently. In some ways it seems a bit early to be doing this post – it’s not even December yet! But the prompt is right, self-improvement waits for no soul.

The goals for this current month have been (to simplify): write more, blog more, exercise more, save more (money, electricity, etc.), resist more (chocolate).

Anyone who has been keeping up with my progress on these goals will now that they have been going fairly well. We’ve still got a few more days to go and I’ll be doing both a recap for this week as well as a recap of the whole month once it is all over. Primarily I would like to keep these already established goals going.

  • Write more 

I’ve wanted to be an author for… somewhere around about forever. I’ve been telling myself for years that I should get into the habit of writing daily, but it doesn’t seem to happen. There have been times that I’ve gone a couple of weeks writing every day, then a couple of months with nothing. Currently I try to keep track of exactly how much I’ve written today. Between NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo it probably won’t surprise you to hear that my words per day is way way up compared to prior months. Thus far my words per day for November average out at 2310. My second highest month this year, in May, was a measly 441.

It almost goes without saying that one of my goals for 2014 will be to keep up the momentum with writing. I don’t necessarily expect it to be quite as high as NaNoWriMo months, because I’m not necessarily planning on writing 50k per month every month of the year. But I think I should be easily aiming for at least 1000 words a day, everyday. No excuses. Another goal related to the writing is that if when I get the NaNo-novel finished I will thoroughly proof-read and edit it, and then work on trying to find a publisher. Getting a novel published would be amazing; it doesn’t feel like it could ever happen, but it’s far more likely to if I try than if I don’t!

  • Blog more

I enjoy blogging when I do it. This is the second year in a row that I’ve participated in NaBloPoMo and I’ve shown that I can blog regularly if I put my mind to it. It’s kind of the same deal as with the writing. Again the goal here is to keep up the momentum. I’m not saying I would blog every day, because some days I’m way too exhausted to think of anything. But the goal is to try to blog every day. I’d keep up with the regular Foster Diaries series of course, at least whilst we have the little monsters. Tying in to this goal is a second one: if I have post ideas I should write them. Even if I save them as a draft to post another day. Even if it’s just a draft with a title and a couple of words to remind me what it’s all about. That’ll certainly help when I am struggling to think of what to do!

  • Exercise more

I’ve never been a fan of exercise. Throughout my childhood I frequently got ill, and my lungs have never been exactly what they should be. I get out of breath easier than most people. It’s not that bad, I know there are other people who have had it worse, but it certainly hasn’t helped me on the getting-fit-and-staying-fit front. I want to improve though for a number of reasons. For one I know from experience that exercising can help me deal with the S.A.D. I get in the winter (may not work for everyone). For another (and this is a bit selfish and shallow) I want to sort out the fat softness around my stomach area: I am lucky enough to be naturally quite slim (though I did have some chunkier times in my child- and teenage-hood) but that is something that annoys me. And perhaps most importantly I want to set a good example for my future children (and actually I guess before that I want to be fit to be able to have the best pregnancies I can), because how can I convince them to exercise if I don’t do it myself? And to be honest with gamers for parents the odds of our children being super athletic seem pretty low…

The goal for 2014 would be to keep working at getting fitter, for all the reasons described above.

  • Save more

We live on a pretty tight budget. Especially in the post-wedding time when we’ve been recovering from draining most of our savings. Vet bills haven’t helped matters much either. Things should be getting back to normal by the end of next month, by my calculations. Even so, we don’t have a lot of income, so we really need to pay attention to what jobs we give to our money. I think the ongoing goal here is to keep things neat and sensible, without restricting ourselves excessively. Everyone needs a bit of fun in their lives and I’m not going to deny that to us, as long as it is budgeted for!

  • Resist more

I’ve been a chocoholic forever. Seriously. As long as I can remember. I like chocolate bars to snack on, chocolate cake, chocolate cereal for breakfast… I’m trying to cut down, and it is going well this month. But it’s not much help if I go right back to doing it in December. Although I will here and now state that the advent calendar chocolate does not count towards the “no-chocolate” thing. That would be mean.

As well as continuing with limiting my chocolate intake I think I need to cut back on some of my other eating too. Noticeably my use of sugar. If I have cornflakes for breakfast, I’ll have sugar on them. Porridge? Sugar. I think I would take this a bit slower than the chocolate cutting out and just gradually decrease how much sugar I have on my breakfasts until I am able to hopefully/eventually go without completely.

  • Anything else?

Any other goals… hmm… Well there is one thing I can think of, although I’m not sure how best to work towards this (advice?!) I want to start enjoying my studies again. Lately I’ve been feeling trapped by them – I don’t want to be a nurse, I want to be an author, so why am I wasting everybody’s time studying? But equally I don’t want to drop out (again) so I really feel like I can’t quit. Like I said, the goal would be to enjoy studying to be a nurse. Maybe even to the point that even if I do get published and make my fortune I’ll keep studying it anyway!

I think that probably covers it for now. I may well come up with different goals, or change these, by the time the New Year rolls around. We shall see.


Lady Joyful

Have you considered goals for the New Year yet, or do you think it is too early? What goals do you want to set yourself? Have you had much success with previous New Year’s Resolutions?

7 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: Future Is Coming

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  2. You need a backup career. Stick to your course, get on with your fellow students, see the things that interest you most in the varied modules.
    – – – –

    You need a bit of a writing break now that the end of the month is almost here. I say this because I have noticed the errors in your posts increasing by quite a bit over the last week. Some would say “so what” but of course communication must always be accurate if it is to be clear. (example: prior, past or previous, not subsequent)

    In any case I am very pleased for you that you have managed to stay on target.

    • I think the errors in my posts could also be because I’ve been procrastinating and writing them last minute which means I write in a hurry and don’t proofread! That’s something I should work on improving…

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