NaBloPoMo: To Do or Not To Do

Are you familiar with the phrase suggesting that a person has eyes bigger than their stomach? If you are I hope you won’t mind too much if I explain this idiom for anyone who is uncertain. The basic premise of the phrase is that the person desires more than they can afford. It’s most often (to my knowledge) used in reference to food. If your friend piles their plate high with a mountain of treats that they won’t possibly be able to finish, then they have eyes bigger than their stomach.

I have a similar issue, though not so much with food. I would say my problem is that I aspire big. I’m constantly talking to S about “when I finish writing my novel and we are rich…” In fact I can fairly confidently say that anyone who has been a close friend of mine in the last ten years or so has probably heard me talking about “when I’m rich” and “when I get published”.

I aim high. That’s not a bad thing. To take another turn of phrase – aim for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed my ambitions. This month is full of goals: blog every day (succeeding thus far), complete NaNoWriMo (currently slightly behind, but catching up!), exercise more (on track, though I didn’t work out today because my back has been uncomfortable since the last time, and we also had a very busy day), eat less chocolate (succeeding with difficulty…)

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with having ambitions. But the problem I have, and this is where the idiom I started with comes into question, is that I sometimes have difficulty following through on the goals I set for myself. I’ll start things, get part way through, and get distracted by some newer, shinier ambition.

I have a red bag on one of the shelves above my computer. In this bag are two balls of wool and the in-progress scarf that I began several months ago. This is only my third knitting project ever. The first was another scarf which took me about 5 years of every-now-and-again knitting to finish. The second project was some sort of book cover that is sitting in a cupboard somewhere waiting to be finished.

Deep within my personal folder on my computer (I over-organise my folders…) are a number of unfinished novels. Perhaps barely started would be more accurate at least for some of them. They vary from a few hundred to around 20,000 words. In the same vein, there is somewhere on the internet a FanFiction that I began writing back when I was about 15, began posting chapters when I was about 18, and has been on hiatus since then. I’ve gone back to it once or twice, but it’s currently sitting at about 6 chapters published. I keep telling myself I’ll finish it. Someday.

I have a mountain of cookbooks (mostly free Kindle books that I have acquired) as well as a selection of recipes that I keep elsewhere. When I find them I flick through and think “ooh we should make that, and that, and this…” and most of them have not been made.

Maybe this is another way that Motivember will be good for me. With these goals I’m forcing myself to follow through and complete them. Perhaps this will build up my self-discipline.

Let’s hope so!


Lady Joyful

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Do you have things you promise yourself that you will do “someday”? Any tips for following through and completing goals?


3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: To Do or Not To Do

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  2. The first rule (according to me) of self discipline is to have a short list of things to do. Otherwise prevarication is all that will be achieved.

    The second rule is to ignore the first rule and be compulsive.

    • I actually do have a to do list. But it is constantly growing. I know what the problem is – I don’t set time frames for the items on it. Goals that are just “get x done at some point” tend to be very easily put off! Perhaps I’ll have to write a post about time frames for goal setting…

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