NaBloPoMo: The Post That Isn’t

This is a post without a topic.

It has no theme and no purpose,

no rhyme and no reason.

This is a post that almost wasn’t.

It doesn’t care to be written,

nor read, nor perused.

This is a post that grows from nothing.

Its roots in indecisiveness,

its branches touching apathy.

This is a post with no aspirations.

It eschews fortune

and shuns fame.

This is a post that meets no standards.

It defies all rules

and breaks conventions.

This is the post that isn’t.

This non-post is the result of me not knowing what to write, and my dad suggesting I write about indecisiveness. I thought I’d written something similar before, but then realised I was probably confusing it with my post on writer’s block… Anyway, I decided to try and start writing and somehow it turned into a poem. And I guess it’s true. This post is not a post – it’s a poem!


Lady Joyful

6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: The Post That Isn’t

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