Foster Diaries: Ilona – Week Three

Lola & Ilona take a napIlona seems to be getting ever bolder. Since I last posted we decided to take down the divider that kept the living room off-limits (she was getting far too proficient with her attempts to jump over!) which means now she has access to the whole flat. That does mean that the older two have nowhere to go to hide from her… But they seem to be managing to get along with her just fine.

Most of the time.

There’s far less hissing than before, at least. Any hissing that does occur is inevitably from Lola. Ilona just seems to have a knack for pushing the poor girl’s buttons. And she loves to do it.

Feeding times are slightly problematic. Ilona seems to think that the big-cat food is far more enticing than her own, and the other two seem to think the exact opposite. We’re getting around it by shutting Ilona in the bedroom with her food, and Lola and Elvis have their food in the hallway. This generally leads to noisy little mews coming from under the bedroom door which distracts Lola from her food. Not Elvis though. He loves food.

The mewing at the door to be let out also happens at bedtime. We’re keeping Ilona in the bedroom with us at nights still. She’ll spend a little while mewing and sniffing under the door trying to get out. If she goes on for too long we have to distract her with a toy. Then she normally decides to jump on the bed, roll around a bit, and attack our feet. Or anything else that moves.

She’s actually developing quite a bad habit in that respect.

Ilona the Innocent

The problem is… she’s taken to biting. Nothing vicious mind you. But biting nonetheless. She’ll be contentedly cuddling in a lap and then decide “Okay, cuddles have gone on long enough”, twist her head around, and nip at your fingers. The same may happen if you move her away from the bowl of big-cat food that she’s greedily digging in to. It’s not just fingers though; the things I’ve seen her sinking her adorable little teeth into include (but are not limited to): toys (encouraged), tails of other cats (not encouraged…), her own tail, her own paw, the day cover, the duvet cover, the mattress, the leg of the bed, the sofa, the box of the cat tree, socks, trousers, ties for dressing gowns, chair legs, bookshelves, scratching posts… You get the idea. 

We took Ilona to our vet this week. We had to take Lola and asked if we could bring Little Miss Mayhem along just for a check up. The diagnosis for Ilona: adorable. Diagnosis for Lola: suspected cat flu. Which she most likely caught from Ilona… Elvis hasn’t caught it thankfully. We think it happened because Lola was due for (and received) her cat flu vaccination at about the same time that we got Ilona, so presumably she wasn’t as well covered as she could be. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be having too great an effect on her. Her eyes have been looking red and uncomfortable, hence the vet trip, on top of which she had the occasional sneeze. The vet gave us some soothing paste stuff to put in her eyes. Have you ever tried putting paste in a cat’s eye? It’s quite difficult, believe me. In fact I’m not sure Lola even appreciates the paste’s supposed soothing action seeing as she has to be poked in the eye to get it…

A Purrfect Fit

Anyway, today Lola’s eyes seem to be much closer to their normal shade than before. And she’s back to her usual pest-y self, so no lasting damage there. Other than to our bank balance..!

But this diary is not about Lola, it’s about Ilona. Let’s see…

Little Cat does not seem to be the cleverest thing in the world. On more than one occasion she has tried to climb on the living room door from the cat tree, which usually results in the door swinging away from her and her nearly falling. Today she actually managed to go one step further. Somehow (and I have no idea how!) she managed to climb onto the door completely and proceeded to attempt to walk along the door frame. The door frame is about 1cm thick, so not really a walk-able size. Didn’t stop her trying. She wobbled a bit and reversed back on to the door, then back on to the tree as I hurried over in preparation to catch her… Honestly, I think she’s trying to make me turn grey!

We’ve still not heard whether the people who came to see her last week want to adopt her. I’m guessing that means they don’t. In some ways I’m glad; it means we get to keep her longer. But the longer we keep her the harder it will be to part with her. And she deserves a good home.

Even if she is a little nuisance!

Ilona in a tunnel


Lady Joyful

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