NaBloPoMo: You Can Call Me Crazy

Any readers who found my blog before this time last year may well remember just how busy November was. And I expect that this year will be just as busy.


Well, there are several reasons.

November is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month for those not in the know. The month in which a bunch of word-crazy wannabe-writers (and, to be fair, some ‘real’ writers!) slave away in an attempt to write 50 000 words of a novel in just 30 days. That’s about 1666 words every day. For 30 days. And yes, I am one of those crazy wannabe writers. This will, in fact, be my third year attempting this feat. Hopefully I’ll be more successful than I have been on my previous attempts.

November is also NaBloPoMo. Which is the main reason my readers may remember last November. Last year was my first as a participant of National Blog Posting Month, and I really enjoyed it. I was writing more, posting more, getting more views and likes than ever before… I was even lucky enough to be honoured with being Freshly Pressed for a story I wrote in answer to one of the weekly writing challenges. I was amazed, flattered, and to be honest extremely surprised. But undoubtedly ecstatic. And of course I want to do it again. That’s my secondary aim for this, my second year participating in NaBloPoMo. First – blog every day for the whole month. Second – get Freshly Pressed.

It seems I will be working my fingers to the bone and tiring my keyboard beyond compare in my attempts to write 30 blog posts on top of 50 000 words of novel. But for some crazy reason I’ve decided that those two things aren’t enough of a challenge for November. I’ve got a few other things I intend to be doing.

The first is, in some ways, not exactly a challenge. S and I have been trying to save money, and cutting our electricity consumption would no doubt go a ways to helping on that front. Being a student (me) and underemployed (him) we spend a lot of time at home. And most of that time seems to end up being spent on the computer. Two computers on for the best part of a day will certainly use a lot of electricity. So our challenge/goal for November is simple. No computers until after midday. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but like I said – we spend most of our time tied to our keyboards. We can see our energy use on-line and I’m very interested to see how it’ll compare to last November.

Another minor thing is that we’re constantly oversleeping. Although in some ways it isn’t really oversleeping if we don’t have to be anywhere to do anything… Nonetheless another goal this month is to consistently get up with our alarms. We have a ‘punishment’ for not succeeding at this. It almost ties in with the previous goal. Oversleeping leads to less computer use. By which I mean that for each hour minute we oversleep, we have to wait that long to use the computer. And of course that time will be counted from midday – if we get up at nine instead of eight, no computers until one.

Let’s see, what else…

Ah, a big one for me.


I love chocolate… But I’ve been eating far too much of it lately. As in a bar daily. Sometimes when I’m particularly naughty it has been two. It’s terrible! And it’s starting to show… My weight hasn’t changed in any noticeable manner. In fact if anything it’s slightly lower than before (not that I have any need to lose weight…) But I have noticed I am becoming slightly… soft… around the middle. As such I have reluctantly decided that I will only be allowed chocolate on weekends during November. And even then no more than one per day.

I think this may be the most difficult challenge for me…

I have also decided that as another way to counteract my encroaching softness, I am going to try and get back into the habit of exercising more. Workouts three times a week, plus cycling and walking regularly. I have also coerced my ever-loving husband in joining me in this crusade. We could both do with being a bit fitter.

In light of the numerous challenges that I/we have set myself/ourselves I have decided to rename November. This month is becoming, for me, a month of motivation. And so, November, I dub thee:


What do you think?!


Lady Joyful


11 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: You Can Call Me Crazy

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