World Cancer Day 2013

World Cancer DayToday, as you may or may not know, is World Cancer Day.

The intention of this years World Cancer Day is to help dispel the many misconceptions regarding cancer.

World Cancer Day

If you want to take part in World Cancer Day, you can sign the declaration. The purpose of the declaration is to help bring the growing cancer crisis to the attention of the policymakers, with the hope of lessening the global cancer burden over the next few years. There are numerous events taking place all around the world today to help further raise awareness.

For more information on World Cancer Day visit the official website at

What do you think about the aims of World Cancer Day? Do you have a cancer story you would like to share? 

(Apologies for the very short post. I know I haven’t written in quite a long time – my clinical placement is certainly keeping me very busy, and I’ve also been unwell which doesn’t help much! I saw in the news that today is World Cancer day so I thought I would write a little post to bring it to the attention of anyone who hadn’t realised. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog again before too long!)

14 thoughts on “World Cancer Day 2013

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    • I know, I’m very sorry! I’ve just been so busy lately. My placement finishes this week though and then I have a few free days (well revision days…) before I get back to classes, so hopefully I can get back into blogging then!

  2. I read the article you provided and still do not understand what the champaign expects the “powers that be” to do about cancer. Throwing money at is not going to stop cancer. While treatment is avaialbel in the USA, some people choose to die rather than throw their family into financial crisis…my aunt did this. Short of providing free treatment, which could through a country into financial crisis, what does the org. expect other to do?

    • I must admit, I hadn’t thought of things from that point of view. As you may be aware, in England healthcare on the NHS is free (e.g. paid through taxes) and as far as I’m aware the situation here in Finland is also the same. It’s horrible that people have to choose between death or financial crisis. I’m sorry to hear about your aunt. I’m not sure what answer I could give to your question, but you certainly raise an interesting point.

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  4. I have a bit of a problem with all these Whateverthethingis Days. Who funds them and for what self interested ends?

    Policy makers know all about these things. What is needed is more personal responsibility and far less of the “someone else must do something” philosophy that is so prevalent and bad for society.

    • Well I certainly agree with that. This mysterious “they” that people think will deal with x issue or y problem most certainly have a lot on their plate. People definitely need to take some responsibility, yes. But equally, in many cases people need something to prompt them to take action – maybe these whateverthethingis days will help that. It’s certainly a more pleasant prompt to receive than to be chucked in at the deep end (by which I mean, finding out that you or someone you care for has aggressive cancer is also a prompt to try and take action, but not exactly a nice one)

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