NaBloPoMo: In Conclusion

Yesterday was the last day of NaBloPoMo (and NaNoWriMo for that matter). So I figured for today’s post I’d write a little about how I felt the experience went for me.

I’d not taken part in NaBloPoMo prior to this month. People who read the first post I did for it will remember me saying that the blog had been “on-hold” for a while, until learning about NaBloPoMo prompted me to start blogging again.

It wasn’t a perfect experience. I missed day one, and a couple of other days here and there due to exhaustion/lack of motivation, but all in all I think I did quite well. I certainly did better with this than my NaNoWriMo contribution, which only got to 16000 words or so. Although that is still almost twice as much as I did last year!

I could have done better, yes. But I think despite that I really enjoyed the experience. Trying to get a post done every day is quite a struggle sometimes after a long day at uni, mountains of homework, exam revision… The prompts from The Daily Post were definitely a big help for when I was feeling uninspired.

The highlight of the NaBloPoMo experience for me was, without a doubt, the moment that one of my posts got Freshly Pressed! It was such an honour, and so great to know that people enjoy what I want. Not to mention the feeling that I got from watching the number of page-hits I received climb and climb. The stats climbed again when another of my posts was mentioned in the WordPress News.

Actually, those two events along with the number of new followers that accompanied them… Well, my page views this month add up to be a little over 60% of all the hits since I started this blog back in January. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is! It certainly does motivate me to keep on blogging.

So what do I think of NaBloPoMo? Well, it got me blogging again (and I’ve even managed to blog a couple of recipes), it has significantly increased my page views and followers, and it has been really rewarding. But it has also been quite exhausting, and on at least a couple of occasions (when I was very tired from studying and housework) it seemed very much like a chore.

Overall, though, I think it was a good thing. Will I keep doing it? Yes and no. I want to keep the blog going, and keep my new (and old!) followers interested. Equally, I don’t know how likely it is that I’ll be able to blog every single day. A compromise, then. I will try to blog as often as possible. Everyday (perhaps with a recipe every Sunday) if I can manage it, though it’s probable possible that I will take some days off. Most likely Fridays and Saturdays. Even bloggers need a rest once in a while!

How was the NaBloPoMo experience for you, as a reader? If you are a blogger, did you participate? How did you find the experience?

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