NaBloPoMo: One Of Those Days

We’ve been struggling to come up with what to post today. I did consider giving a brief Finnish lesson, but then we couldn’t work out how to explain pronunciations so we gave up. Maybe I’ll revisit the idea another time.

Today’s been one of those days. You know the ones; when you have things to do but it all is just too much effort. I guess it could be related to what I blogged about a couple of days ago but actually I think I’ve just been lazy today. I mean I have got some things done. I’ve done various little bits of work that I needed to get done, written a couple of emails, done some housework… But my idea to have half an hour ‘reward’ ended up as two hours of game playing. And we watched a film, which also cut into productive time a bit.

But then, today is Saturday. It’s the weekend. I should be allowed to relax, a little at least.

On the other hand I do have a presentation due Monday that (unless they haven’t told me) my group is yet to get sorted. And another exam on Friday that I should revise for, plus various other bits and pieces.

And of course I have to write a blog post, with no idea what to write about. I was planning to do a post relating to the weekly photo prompt. We were meant to go out today and take some photos for it, but that didn’t end up happening… Perhaps tomorrow! Instead I guess you’ve ended up with a blog in which I bemoan my inability to write a blog.

Sorry about that.

Fingers crossed that we’ll be back on track tomorrow!


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