NaBloPoMo: Nothing is Three

PostADay Prompt November 16th – Three Letter WordsWrite an entire post without using any three-letter words.

I thought that this prompt sounded interesting. S told me that it sounds very easy. I think that it is going to be more difficult than it first appears to be.

However, there is a little problem with this prompt in that it doesn’t tell me what to blog about, merely a technique to implement in order to write it.

Perhaps I will talk about my studying to this point in time.

I enjoy my course. Between us we come from many different cultures. I alone am a Native English speaker, though almost everyone seems to have near-Native level skills. Their language skills astound me. I believe most to be bilingual, or even trilingual. They certainly will be once they have succeeded in their goals of learning Finnish. It puts me to shame; I seem to have strong English skills, however foreign languages have always been my weak point. I am determined to improve my Finnish, nonetheless.

I feel I am learning much as a student nurse. Up until presently we have been learning basics. We have visited some local wards to witness first hand, to understand variations between those similar places in other cultures. Having a multi-cultural class certainly gives a more multi-cultural perspective on that which we learn.

We have been learning basic anatomy. We began with musculoskeletal system which we were examined in only a week or so past. Recently we began to study digestion, tissues, skin, cells, bodily fluids… I find it interesting, though sometimes a little confusing perhaps.

Pharmacotherapy is another thing we have been studying. We have learnt to do medical calculations, to sort patient’s daily medicines, to give injections. I would consider injections worst of everything. I dislike needles, they scare me. I managed to practice them though. My teacher said that I am better as a nurse than a patient, when it comes to needles at least!

We learn some theory. This is in many forms. We have lectures, take part in problem based learning, do group work. Reading is also a significant part of what we do. We have studied legal aspects as well as documentation to name only a small selections.

We also have skills labs. In these we have learned many things: washing patients, assessing vital signs, feeding patients, inserting nasogastric tubes, inserting catheters, changing beds. I look forward to practising these when we begin clinical placements in Spring. I think I look forward to some more than others!

My first clinical placement is at a long-term ward in City Hospital. It begins late January, lasting more than five, though less than seven weeks. My hope is that I shall be able to practice many things that we have touched on in skills labs. I would also much enjoy being able to utilise my Finnish language in an attempt to improve my skills.

Studying nursing doesn’t seem so difficult currently, though I am only a couple of months in. I keep being told that nursing is a tough profession. I think I look forward to seeing that side of it, investigating my coping abilities.

What studies do my readers participate in, or participated in? What part of these studies is most vivid in recollections?

Afterthought – This certainly was quite difficult to do. So many words are three letters! The, and, but, was, are, all, see, few, how, for, six… Hopefully I didn’t slip up anywhere… Please let me know if I did so I can fix it!

14 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: Nothing is Three

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  2. Like your essay, simple, realistic and no u didn’t use any three letter word as far as I could see… After thought…Yeah except your “let,did, can, fix” … lol, well done!

  3. I don’t see three letter words like: and, but, the, was…my eyes skip right over them.
    Accounting was the most interesting of my studies. Currenly I am attempting to learn to read music. That is a trip…it’s like learning to read another language.

    • Most three letter words do seem to be filler words, so generally the eye will skip over them. That doesn’t make is any easier to write without them though!
      Accounting, huh? I think I’d struggle with that, but of course everyone has different strengths and interests. I used to be able to read music, and I can still remember the basics. I learned it when I was quite young. Like you said, it’s like learning another language, and with all language learning there does seem to be a “sensitive” period at very young ages that it is easier to do!
      Thank you for visiting the blog, and for commenting 🙂

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