NaBloPoMo: Scratch That

I’m too tired to post write anything today, and I have an exam tomorrow. Seeing as I’m trying to do NaBloPoMo I didn’t feel I could just not post anything so… here are some pictures!


This is Elvis. He is the old man of our cats at seven years of age. But he is also our newest cat. We got him a few weeks after moving into our flat, and he’s been here now for a couple of months. He’s a lovely soppy boy who has the cutest meow and hops around when he gets excited.


Maisi is one of our little girls. We still call them kittens though they are now two years old. She’s rather calm, although compared to her sister most creatures seem calm! She likes to have cuddles on laps, but only on her terms. She’s a bit of a chubby thing which is weird because she doesn’t seem to eat as much as the other two.


Last but by no means least we have Lola, our other little girl. She and Maisi are litter mates. In some ways they have a lot in common, but in others they are very different. If the doorbell rings, Maisi will run and hide, but Lola will go to investigate. Lola will shout for attention and then not want it, whilst Maisi rarely makes much noise but enjoys cuddles. Lola is also skinnier than Maisi, which is probably because she spends so much time running around like the loon she is!



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