NaBloPoMo: Drabbling All Over The Place

November 10th – Write a drabble containing the words: cybercop; brainwaves; flash; deaths; arrogant.

I set my own challenge today. It was quite fun. Definitely a nice break from NaNoWriMo. The premise is basically the opposite. With NaNoWriMo the wordier the writing the better; with a drabble you are limited to exactly 100 words (title excluded) , so it is the very essence of brevity. I can’t actually recall ever having written a drabble before… Which means I am going with the assumption that this is my very first attempt at writing in this way. I hope you all like it!


Eurehl pressed against the wall. Barely breathing he listened for any indication of the cybercop’s presence. If he was caught subverting curfew he’d be severely punished.

Internet use had become increasingly controversial after its adaptation to interface with brainwaves. Curfew was introduced after a spate of deaths were linked to Wave Surfing. But Eurehl was confident; he wouldn’t get fried.

Brashly Eurehl turned. The cybercop watched from the alley entryway, watching.

Arrogant.’ It hummed in his mind as it approached.

He tried to run but couldn’t. A red flash emanated from the cybercop. The world fizzed, sparked, burned. Eurehl screamed.

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