NaBloPoMo: Too Many Legs

PostADay Prompt November 8th – Embrace the Ick: Think of something that truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin squirms. Now, write a glowing puff piece about its amazing merits.

When I saw this prompt my initial response was to find something else to blog about because I couldn’t think of anything suitable. But then it hit me.


I hate spiders… They’re just disgusting. All those legs. That way they move. And the horrible way they just hang around in corners waiting for you.


Congratulations, prompt, I am truly repulsed. Skin squirming, as per the doctor’s orders. And now to embrace the ick…

Spiders are amazing creatures.

The silk of a spider is ridiculously strong. It’s comparable to steel in it’s strength, though you wouldn’t imagine that when you manage to get spider web stuck to your face when you walk into the shed looking for your lawnmower. But don’t think of that as disgusting or creepy, think of it as the very beginning’s of an extraordinary piece of armour! On top of that its density is so low that you could encircle the globe with only half a kilos worth of spider silk. And of course, it’s tough enough to withstand the spiders struggling prey.

A spider web is a truly marvellous piece of architecture. Even I can admit that they can be truly beautiful, especially on a cool morning, dusted with diamond dew drops. Spider webs are perfect for their purpose. As I said above, they have the strength to withstand the struggling of the arachnid’s prey. They are subtle; being so fine, they are difficult to see, making them wonderful traps.

Spiders are also horrible things horribly useful creatures, because they limit the number of pests. How do they do this? By eating them. They catch flies and wasps and other things in their perfectly built webs spun from their unbelievably strong silk. And then they eat them. By this means, the population of such buzzy, stingy, bitey, fly-y things are kept under control.

All in all, spiders are quite, um… useful?

That’s about all the praise I can muster. My skin may crawl away in protest if I don’t end this now.

In conclusion: don’t talk to spiders, children. They secretly want to tie you up in their webs and eat you.

Do you agree that spiders, though useful, are horrible? What things repulse you?



14 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: Too Many Legs

  1. I was never a huge fan of spiders, but where I live right now (Hawaii) has a huge creepy crawly problem…millipedes, flies, ants, giant moths…on and on it goes, and there’s no keeping them at bay…unless you let some spiders move in. Well, they’re more like daddy long legs…I couldn’t handle anything creepier than that. But no other bugs can get into my garage or home without becoming lunch. While all of my neighbors struggle with chemicals and pest control, I just avoid dusting a couple of strategic corners. It’s a working relationship.

    They definitely do have the ick factor, though.

  2. My husband actually likes spiders – he says they kill flies and he hates flies. I have my very own sizeogram when it comes to tolerance. We do have some in the house occasionally that leave footprints in the carpet – they are way too
    big and have to be removed – humanely put out the window (we live in a bungalow).

    • Killing flies may be one of their few good points, but it doesn’t redeem them in my eyes! I can just about tolerate small ones, but they have to be removed as quickly as possible. Big ones I cannot stand at all. I get S to remove any that appear in our flat. As much as I hate them, I won’t let him kill them though – humane removal is definitely the way to go!

      • In England one company actually sells a humane spider remover – a sort of long transparent plastic tub – I`ve no idea how it works – OMG the though has just occurred to me – surely you don`t have to suck it up!!!!!!

        • Oh yuck, a spider sucker would be horrible! I’ve seen on the internet a type of spider remover that is like a brush that grabs onto them to pick them up. I think I’d still make my fiancé deal with them though!

  3. Snakes. That’s what creeps me out. Creepy, crawly, deceptive, evil, cold-natured and cold-blooded. I think they love creeping me out. Maybe I should do a post about the wonders of snakes. or not. but I have to absolutely agree with you on spiders. It’s hard to even type the name!! Great job here, by the way. I didn’t know that about the strength of the web.

  4. My views on spiders is the same as my views on yawning bears. As long as they stay out in nature and away from my home, they are wonderful creatures. (The same cannot be said about certain a grey Mau who insists on laying across my keyboard as I try to write this.) Should a spider or a yawning bear, or a bear who is not yawning, enter my home uninvited, the battle begins. Good sell, I’m convinced that spiders are horribly useful.

    • Very good point – I wouldn’t want a bear in my house either! Cats are more than welcome, though keyboard cats can be rather inconvenient. Two of our three cats have keyboard-lying tendencies!
      I’m glad I succeeded in convincing you 🙂

  5. I like spiders to look at but would rather they did not crawl over me.
    I think there is an inbuilt human reticence towards them.

    • I would definitely not like them crawling over me, that would be horrible! I can’t look at them; they give me chills. I agree with your assessment though, after all arachnophobia does seem to be relatively common.

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