Wedding Bells: Becoming Real

No recipe today. I was planning to post about the millionaire’s shortbread we love to make, but unfortunately I forgot to get the pictures off my brother’s camera. And seeing as we’re now (as of Friday night/early Saturday morning) back in Finland and the camera is in England…

So instead I’m just going to tell you what’s been going on lately. I’m sure some of you may have noticed that I’ve been downright lazy somewhat lax in my posting. In fact I just checked and I’ve not posted a thing for a month…!

Sorry about that. Things certainly got crazy for a while over in sunny England! Which incidentally, wasn’t very sunny.

So, what’ve we been up to? Well, since I last posted two of my lovely cousins visited us in Kent, from the Isle of Wight. It was great to see them. I don’t get to see my family much, seeing as I live so far away! I think it must have been 18 months since I’d last seen them! I couldn’t believe how grown up they looked, especially the older one.

We also saw one of my Uncles when we took Count Joyful, my elder brother, to a job interview (fingers crossed that he gets the job!)

The weekend after my cousins went home (they went on the Friday) was a big weekend in terms of wedding organisation. My mum, the Count and I went into town and went wedding dress shopping! It was an odd experience… I surprised myself with how quickly I got used to stripping down to my undies in front of strange women… Which um… yeah.


The first shop we went to wouldn’t let us try on without an appointment, but did let us browse. We didn’t stay long. Nothing really caught my eye.

The next shop was literally two doors down from the first, and was far more successful. The lady, Jenny, was really friendly. I tried on several dresses. I fell in love with the first, and also with another one a little bit later. Neither were particularly what I thought I would want. I had imagined a slim-fit lacy thing, but when I tried on a couple of dresses like that they kinda made me look like I should be 80 years old… Not really what I want on my wedding day!

The third and final shop we went to did not have as nice an atmosphere. I can’t really explain what it was. Nevertheless, I tried on dress after dress after dress… There were a few that were okay, but nothing really spectacular. We’d already decided from trying in the other shop that because my skin is so pale, dresses with a bit of colour (to make them “pop” as my mum put it) looked best on me. The dresses we’d tried in the previous shop that fit that description had embellishments in red or black. In this shop they took it to mean “let’s try a dress that is more silvery than ivory”. It didn’t help.

At the end of the day we had a lot to think about. My mum is actually a seamstress, and has made many a wedding dress. We’d always said that she would make my dress, partly to save money and also for the personal touch. When we were in the shop and I was wearing one of the dresses I fell in love with, she told me she wouldn’t mind if I bought one instead. A nice thought, but these dresses were coming to about a third of our (very limited) budget!

But! The next day I just happened to have a look on eBay, and found the very first dress I’d tried. It had only been worn by a model, and was on at less than a tenth of the shop price, with only a few hours left and reserve not met. After some discussion with my mum and S we decided to bid on it. We agreed a maximum bid, started low, and began bidding about 45 minutes before it was due to end. We kept increasing the low bid up until we met our agreed maximum, but the reserve still wasn’t met. Luckily S agreed we could increase by £50 more, and that did it! We had 30 minutes to go, and I think I must have refreshed the page several hundred times during that.

By some lucky miracle, nobody else bid!

So, a few days later I took delivery of my wedding dress! We got it for about a fifth of the retail price. It was such a great feeling to have it. Somehow it makes everything feel more real.

Another thing that made the impending wedding feel more real was when, just a few days ago, S and I booked our wedding venue. So, now I have a dress, a venue, and a set-in-stone date. We’re getting married in just under 15 months! People keep telling me that I have all the sorting done now… I hope they’re joking, because if they really think that’s all that needs doing they must be insane!

Another happening in the last few weeks was that I discovered I’ve been accepted into the nursing course! Considering I know I messed up the maths part of the entrance exam, it was a lovely surprise! I shall be starting on the 3rd September. That does mean that I now have to work out how I’m meant to attend my own wedding that is during term time… But that can be worked out later, right?

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    • I hope you don’t expect me to remember “Curmudgeon”! I forgot to mention a lot of things, but it was turning into a rambling wall of text, so I thought I ought to stop 😛

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