Woody and Wispa

Woody on the bed, with a pile of Sacher and Sampson behind himI intended to post a recipe earlier, but when I took a look at my backlog of recipes/photos I couldn’t find anything that seemed good enough to post.

As you probably know, things have been fairly busy here and so I’ve not really had much time for cooking. Well, any time at all to be honest. I was thinking of making a cake today but we have no eggs…  and I had to do more room sorting. Luckily, the house is finally nearing readiness. Which is great. We’ve got the people coming around to do photos on Thursday, so we’ve just got to do the last few bits of tidying and prettifying for then.

So as I said, I couldn’t think of what to post, and was ready to slink of in despair when I had an idea! 

A couple of days ago I hijacked my little brother’s camera (which I am considering buying from him…) and took some photos of the lovely pets we have here. Photographing animals is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Wispa, my little brother’s dog, likes to jump up and lick the lens of the camera if she notices it pointing at her. And the cats, of which there are four, are… well, two of them are often outside the house so can’t be photographed. Two of the cats (one of the inside cats and one of the outside cats) are black, and as such they often look a bit blobby in photographs.

The dog in the picture is, as I said, my brother’s dog. She’s a chocolate Labrador called Wispa. Yes, after the chocolate bar. Our uncle used to have a chocolate lab called Buttons, as in the chocolate. Another uncle has a black Labrador called Magic, as in Black Magic chocolates. So it’s kind of a thing in our family, it seems, to have Labradors with chocolate names.

Wispa looking out the window

The cat pictured in the other three pictures is Woody, who we (okay I…) affectionately call Pumpkin, because he is orange and round… although his roundness is mostly fluff. We got Woody and his sister Belle from the local RSPCA centre when they were a year and a half old. They settled in fairly quickly. When we got Wispa, however, they became slightly unsettled. Woody in particular did not like the hyperactive puppy. At the time, Woody was an outdoor cat. Now he is an indoor cat. Why? Well, he ran away. A few times… Three in fact. The shortest was several weeks, the longest I think around 6 months. So now he is not allowed outside anymore. The house we’re in is pretty big so he and the other cats have plenty of space to be away from the dog.

Woody at the top of the stairs

The other three cats are getting on better with Wispa nowadays. Sampson, the youngest and largest, we got at about the same time as Wispa, so they grew up together and are great friends. The other black cat, Sacher, who is the oldest and smallest of our cats, is a very laid-back little man so has quickly got used to being sniffed by the dog. Belle, our only girl, is still a bit unsure of Wispa, but seems to be getting more confident around her. Woody is most likely to just run away from Wispa, but does seem to be slowly improving around her. The problem is, I think, that because Wispa doesn’t see Woody very often, she gets excited when she sees him, and becomes a bit bouncy, which of course scares the poor cat. It doesn’t help that she is, at times, a stupid dog, and seems to think that if she gets hissed at it means she should run and bounce like a lunatic…

So, that’s the story of the animals. I hope you like the pictures and can forgive me for the lack of recipe. Fingers crossed I’ll get some cooking done before next monday and can post something for you all to cook!

Woody under the suitcase lid


Lady Joyful

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  15. You have changed to a more modern clean-lined theme. Don’t know if I prefer it or the old one.

    • I changed the theme last week, although I’m not sure how long it took to show up for other people… it showed for me straight away. It may change to something else at some point. I do appreciate feedback on the looks 🙂

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