Juicy: Sima

SimaI am currently in sunny England. And it actually is sunny today, surprisingly.  When I arrived, last Wednesday, it was to grey skies and torrential rain. I was amazed my chauffeur (a.k.a. my brother, who incidentally is not actually my chauffeur… I don’t have a chauffeur)  was able to see anything when we were driving back from the airport… But anyway.

I’m in England now for a very very long time…

Well, until June. Towards the end of June. Which seems like an awfully long time to me.

Although, that could just be because S is still in Finland. Work commitments mean he’s not able to join me here until June when he’s coming over for my mum’s birthday. The purpose for my visit is to assist with house moving related thingamajigs. Although the house was recently un-sold. Which isn’t a thing… What I  mean is, the buyers pulled out. So now instead of packing to move, we are sorting the house for a re-branding, or some estate agent speak.

So everything is pretty busy. It’s a working holiday.

Despite the fact that I will no doubt be spending all my time tidying, arranging, sanding, painting, moving, lifting, rearranging, co-ordinating and arranging some more, I’ll do my utmost to keep posting every Monday.

I have a selection of photos ready to accompany blog posts so we should be fine and dandy even if I don’t get a chance to cook here.  And actually it might even be best if I don’t cook here… There’s something about cooking in my childhood home that makes me a bad cook. Other than cakes, anything I have ever tried to cook here has gone wrong.

But anyway…

Today’s post is something a bit different to normal. Tonight and tomorrow is Vappu, which is the celebrations for Walpurgis Night to those among my readers who are not au fait with the Finnish. Sima is a traditional drink that is made for Vappu and… well, drunk. What else would you do with it? I mean I guess you could bathe in it if you really want, but I don’t know why you would do such a thing…

Sima is a kind of sweet, low-alchohol mead. More information can of course be found on wikipedia, or do a quick search.

No doubt there are various recipes that can be used to make it, some more traditional than others. I didn’t actually make this myself. My Anoppi made it. I didn’t even take the pictures, because I forgot to before leaving Finland, so S did it for me this morning, and sent me the recipe! Isn’t he helpful?

A bottle of Sima


Servings – 9-10 bottles, depending on bottle size


3 lemons
500g caster sugar
500g muscavado sugar
8l boiling water
1tsp (fresh) yeast


Wash the lemons. Put the peel into a bucket.

Add sugar and boiling water. You can squeeze in the lemon juice if you like, for extra lemony flavour.

When the water has cooled down add the yeast.

Let it sit over night at room temperature. It doesn’t need to be sealed, but if like us you have cats, you may want to rest a lid on it so you don’t get them trying to drink it.

Bottle the next day and put into the fridge (Note from S: bottle the sima, not the day).

Leave it be for about a week before consuming.

And drink.

Bottoms up!

Do drink responsibly of course! This is a very low alcohol drink. S drinks it by the bottleful with little effect but do use your judgement.


Lady Joyful

2 thoughts on “Juicy: Sima

    • I am informed that none have ever exploded. I can’t guarantee that they won’t explode, because I don’t know… there may be some situations in which they will. However I do think it’s unlikely.

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