Indian Fried Rice

Indian Fried RiceLate, again. I know, I’m terrible…

My excuse this week is I’m far too distracted getting nervous about my rapidly approaching exam. I’m hoping to study a nursing course starting in the autumn, and the entrance exam is on Wednesday. I haven’t had to do an exam since my A levels, which was… three years ago, I think.

Which is a crazy-long time.

Since then I’ve lost friends, made friends, started university, left university, moved twice (once across the country, and then across the continent), got a boyfriend, got engaged, got two cats, lost one cat, tried to learn a new language… I think that’s everything. Funny how most of those things seem to be in pairs…

This is the last pre-written blog post (pre-written in as much as I typed up the recipe a while back) that I have. Well, that’s not strictly true – I have two others, I just somehow forgot to photograph the food that goes with them… Anyway, my point is, I need to get on with typing up some of the others, so that I have them to fall back on when I forget to write a post…

I’m not really this unreliable, honest.

In fact, I have ten different sets of unused pictures that I can write recipes up for, and another set on the camera waiting to be uploaded. With that many I’ll be able to keep posting all through my long holiday to England, even if I don’t cook anything whilst I’m there!

Oh yeah, did I mention I’m going to England? No? Well, I am. Returning to the motherland, as they say. Whoever they are. I shall be leaving a week on Wednesday, and returning to Finland after my mum’s birthday, which is in June. That’s quite a long time…

And S will be in Finland for most of it. All but the final week or so. Call me pathetic, but I’m not looking forward to that part of it…

Anyway, I’m sure no one is visiting for my life story.

Today’s recipe is a dish I mentioned in last week’s post. It’s pretty easy to make, and really yummy. I’m sure it goes wonderfully with other dishes too, but I must admit we only ever have it with the Mandarin Chicken. If you find something else that it’s could with, we’d love to hear! Let us know in the comments.

Indian Fried RiceIndian Fried Rice Adapted from Indian Food Forever

Serves 2


1dl uncooked rice, washed and drained (we normally forget to do that…)

3dl water

3/4tsp cinnamon

2 bay leaves

3 all-spice ‘berries’ (is that the right word for them?)

1 tsp salt

1 small onion



Finely chop the onion.

In a pan over medium heat, melt the butter, then add the onion and fry until golden. Remove the onion from the pan and set to one side.

Into the remaining hot butter, put the dry rice and all the spices.

Keep stirring and fry for 4-5 minutes until the rice appears glazed.

Add the water to the pan, bring to the boil and leave to simmer until the water is absorbed.

Stir in the onion and serve.

Indian Fried Rice

We love this served with Mandarin Chicken


Lady Joyful

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